“I became an eco-responsible florist after a (disappointing) experience in marketing”

Capture issue du compte personnel Instagram @calix__m de Claire Mulot, co-créatrice @les.imparfaits.fleuristes.

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“I have always been passionate about art and decoration, but my parents encouraged me to undertake higher education, in order to ensure professional stability and a flourishing future. A license in marketing and communication in my pocket followed at the IUT info com in Grenoble, along with another license in media planning in Bordeaux, I joined a marketing agency in Bordeaux.

For two and a half years, I was in charge of creating communication campaigns by e-mail and sms for brands such as Canal + and Orange. This experience gives me a marketing background and a keen sense of customer relations.

But this environment is demanding, difficult, stressful. After a few years, I understand that I don't find myself in this profession, that I no longer support this visual pollution in which I participate without wanting to.

I want to find a job that combines my skills with my passion for decoration and craftsmanship. I'm going to become a florist! The idea came to me and I decided to take the plunge. At 25, I send everything about roses… and embark on a professional retraining with Greta to obtain a florist's CAP. I finance this reconversion over nine months with my savings (between 3,000 and 4,000 Pounds in total).

A decisive meeting

I started as an employee with a professional to gain experience. I meet many florists and improve my technique. At 27, I made a decisive encounter: Romain Joubert, he would become my partner.

We work as employees at the same florist, have almost the same age and the same desire to undertake. Our complementarity is our strength: he brings his experience and a traditional floral technique and I bring a fresh eye to the profession with also a marketing background.

Romain Joubert and Claire Mulot have opened two boutiques in Lyon.  Photos from the Instagram account @les.imparfaits.fleuristes

Romain Joubert and Claire Mulot have opened two boutiques in Lyon. Photos from the Instagram account @les.imparfaits.fleuristesDR

Sensitive to sustainability issues, we decided to set up a boutique-workshop together in Lyon. For a year, we work on this concept where there are both fresh flowers and dry flowers, customers and learners – which we test during events and fairs.

On the financing side, we set up the project with equity. But we also benefited from the support of the RDI (Rhône development initiative) which offers loans on honor and provides guarantees for a bank loan. And for our customers, we immediately wanted to have a simple payment solution such as Sum Up.

Fresh flowers, made in London

During my year of retraining, I realized that no legislation required English florists to display the origin of their flowers. The flower market is very vertical, we have lost the direct link between florist and small producer. Thus 85% of the flowers that grow in London are intended for export, while almost all the flowers offered in stores come from abroad, mainly from Colombia and Ethiopia and obviously from Holland (Source: “Sur le Front: what are our Valentine's Day bouquets hiding?, February 2022 broadcast, London Télévisions).

With our “Les Imparfaits” brand, we want to reconnect with producers and offer short circuit flowers to our customers, with an emphasis on seasonality. And that's what we managed to do: we only offer local flowers, originating in London. Our floral creations follow the seasons – which makes it possible to (re)discover certain little-known flowers.

An eco-responsible concept

We wanted to offer an end-to-end eco-responsible concept. With us, no classic plastic packaging but kraft paper for our bouquets. We also fight against plant waste, by recycling our green waste into compost, which very few florists do. We have also forged partnerships with committed companies that share our values ​​- for example with the Too good to go app for unsold items and the start-up Becycle for bicycle delivery.

Since the launch of our business, the main difficulty we have encountered has been… (unsurprisingly!) the health crisis: having opened our shop in November 2021, we had to close it six months later because we were not then considered essential business. We had to adapt while keeping the link with our new clientele.

Today, two “Les Imparfaits” workshop-boutiques have been opened in Lyon. But, personally, I left this entrepreneurial adventure two months ago. I am now leaving for new professional projects, more as a florist but still in entrepreneurship. »

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