“I refused a CDI in an investment fund”

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Posted on August 20, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.Updated Sep 30, 2015, 8:12 PM

For many young graduates attracted to the startup world, getting a job as an analyst in a venture capital fund is a sort of holy grail. However, when I was offered to transform my internship into a CDI in one of the most active English funds in the sector, I preferred to decline … For six months, I had carried out an exciting job. At the heart of innovation, I analyzed files from innovative startups and met entrepreneurs, each more visionary and ambitious than the next.

But the limits of the junior role had given me some frustration. Supporting portfolio companies is indeed one of the most exciting aspects of venture capital. Building Criteo's business model, establishing Sigfox's internationalization strategy … decisive reflections, to which the analyst that I was has little time to devote, immersed in the pile of files of startups to assess who are arriving everyday.

Accelerated training

If investment continues to attract me, strategy consulting seemed more rewarding for a junior position. To become a wise and relevant investor, it is indeed essential to build a solid base of skills. And for that, nothing better than the accelerated training which represents a passage in consulting firm in “strat”. It is also a frequent step in the careers of investment fund partners, who thus become familiar with various sectors and issues.

Passionate about digital, I wanted to continue on this path. So I chose to join a strategy consulting firm specializing in digital. After supporting startups, I now advise CAC 40 groups undergoing transformation in the face of the emergence of Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and other giants. Demanding missions within companies more ready than ever to renew themselves and stimulating projects in which I can measure my impact every day. I find in consulting what I was looking for: not only the intense pace, the high level of challenges, but also high responsibilities and a fast growing learning curve.

Make way for the field!

The project I am currently working on illustrates the variety of missions entrusted to me. We initially supported our client on a strategic study of his loyalty program and we are now providing operational support to implement the recommended action plan. Make way for the field! And what could be more motivating than carrying out our recommendations in a practical way, with the client?

By choosing consulting, I decided to broaden my field of expertise and take a more concrete role by bringing added value to the client. But I did not say goodbye to the world of venture capital. It still attracts me and if I return, this time it will be armed with a real baggage to exercise a position with more responsibilities and more stimulating missions.

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