In-company student assistance programs and their benefits

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In-company student assistance programs and their benefits

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THE generation Z impacted the corporate environment with full force. On average, it is speculated that their representatives already add up to around 20% of workers around the world. Even more representative in low positions, entering the market, but it already gives a good picture of what to expect from the job market.

Mainly, because they divide their routines between the academic environment and corporate responsibilities. Imagine the level of frustration they live with? Some HR specialists have already considered this, and point out, as a solution, the development of student assistance programs in the company.

How about we see, then, how to create a package of advantages to attract these talented young professionals? Just continue reading this post!

The financial problem of generation Z

Research Student Loan Hero points out that more than 77% of employees say that student assistance programs in the company are important. This is because in the USA, where the research was conducted, many young people face serious financial problems to liquidate the investment in your academic futures.

No wonder, others 21.52% said that this method it is extremely important. Generally, young people aged 18 to 24 were heard by the survey, but we don't need to limit ourselves to the United States to understand the value of student assistance programs in the company.

After all, indebtedness is a common issue in the country, regardless of age. As well as the physical and psychological effects on people's health and well-being.

Consequently, we can associate the benefits of this measure anywhere. Take a look at what this adds in value to your corporate routine:

I.e: through the student assistance programs in the company, you help to solve or minimize the frustrations experienced by the employee, and in return get much more involvement in the growth of the company.

>> In this digital book you will discover all the steps to create a financial welfare program that engages all employees (and you too)! Click here and access it right now.

So, let's see how these programs work?

How to organize student assistance programs in the company?

Investing in human resources is valuable for the company and employees. And we are not talking about paying their monthly fees, but in projects that guide, assist and get closer to their needs and goals.

Check below how the student assistance programs in the company have been considered!

Financial advice

For many HR experts, this must be thebackbone of the program. This is because students tend to take out loans to settle debts without due knowledge of the consequences of this decision.

In general, few people understand how these monthly payments will affect their lives in the future – whether in the short, medium or long term. So the financial advice it can be a great help for these students to understand how to better negotiate debts or plan financially.

Personalized benefit plan

Benefits have been one of the great adventures for companies attract young talent. And, in aid to student assistance programs in the company, the measure can help to make them have more financial reserves to deal with debts.

Thus, your organization becomes a safer and more capable place to prepare professionals for the next stages of life. And, consequently, approaching their demand to generate more satisfaction, quality of life and a strong gratitude to the employer.

>> One of the proposals for well-being at work is to promote quality of life in the company! For this, we created an e-Book full of tips to create a quality of life program in your company. Click here and access now!

Financial Welfare Program

In addition to guidance, you can have workshops, mentoring and lectures by financial professionals. With this, its professionals have a punctual monitoring of their challenges, and learn how to deal with each one from a strategic decision-making.

Where to start?

You student assistance programs in the company they are of great value to put your organization on a new level of care and attention with its human resources.

Now, so that your management and teammates are also aware of the benefits of applying this method, how about taking the opportunity to share this post on your social networks? Thus, the matter will already be properly assimilated by all of your HR at the next meeting!


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