Inclusion of diversity in the company: 10 NGOs and institutes you need to know!

Inclusion of diversity in the company: 10 NGOs and institutes you need to know!

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Through inclusion of diversity in the company, we learn to work out the differences – not to separate them. We discover new visions, cultural backgrounds and experiences that can help add to personal, professional and collective development.

In fact, there are dozens of institutions that are already doing this work, serving as inspiration for many other companies. In this post, we'll talk a little bit about 10 of them, such as:

  1. Egalite
  2. Disabled online (
  3. TransEmployment
  4. Black Money Movement
  5. Empodera Community
  6. UX Minas Black
  7. We transcend
  8. EmployeeAfro
  9. Maturi
  10. Black Talent Bank

Check with us which are some of the main organizations that make the inclusion of diversity in the company, and learn more about the importance of this for the development of society, as a whole!

What is diversity in companies?

The concept of diversity in organizations is not new, but it has expanded in breadth and value in society. It is a means of breaking down barriers and bringing differences together, whatever they may be.

To learn more about it, leave a complementary reading of another article of ours, which dialogues about the means of working diversity in companies!

What is the importance of including diversity in the company?

In the differences, we recognize distinct potentials, forces that can be added and combined and aggregate diverse perspectives, experiences and visions to produce new and innovative results.

This includes an effort to value the diversity cultures, races, beliefs, sexual orientations, genders, regions and histories. Each individual adds with their luggage and applies it to the work environment.

It is also worth mentioning the company's voluntary promotion in carrying out this work. Not just for the sake of including certain minorities, but as a positive view of what this combined strength has to offer for the company, from the inside out, and also from the outside in.

Which companies work with the inclusion of diversity?

To learn more about how the inclusion of diversity in the company has an increasingly more purposeful and broad force in the job market, see what some institutions have done for that!

1. Egalitê

THE Egalite it connects companies and people with disabilities through the selection, training and monitoring of professionals.

To do this, carefully handle an assertive recruitment and always in accordance with the best inclusion practices, in addition to the promotion and offer of free courses with the support of partners.

2. Disabled online (

THE PCD Online is known as the largest job vacancy portal and exclusive curriculum bank for professionals with disabilities. His work has deep roots in society, with more than 10 years of experience.

In that time, it has accumulated great results, such as:

  • 1,810 companies served;
  • 27 states served
  • more than 360 thousand visitors per month on the site.

Expressive numbers that only reinforce the value of including diversity in the company with good examples about the subject.

3. TransEmployment

Free vacancies and resumes portal, for transgender people, the TransEmployment discloses job offers and also works with the humanization of spaces and areas for companies. In addition to having lectures focused on raising awareness in the corporate environment, and also consulting for the establishment and maintenance of an inclusive culture, mission and values.

4. Black Money Movement

THE Black Money Movement is a showcase of professionals looking for replacement in the business market. It is also a meeting point for strengthening networking for the black community in Brazil.

5. Empodera Community

The Empodera Community among its goals is the promotion of diversity to drive more sustainability, innovation and efficiency in business. To this end, it operates with a focus on the identification and development of young talent – all of this, with a 100% free platform for candidates for professional opportunities.

6. UX Minas Pretas

THE Ux for Black Mines it is an initiative made by black women and for black women with a focus on the UX work segment. For this, there are:

  • training actions;
  • empowerment;
  • knowledge sharing;
  • network articulation.

Started in 2018, the project has already impacted more than 500 women and, approximately, made 100 scholarships available – in addition to lectures and workshops that help promote the inclusion of diversity in companies.

7. We transcend

THE We transcend acts as a consultancy to make other companies more inclusive. To this end, it reinforces the value of diversity in different corporate contexts, such as among employees, among third parties, customers and also the general community.

In this way, the company offers support with analyzes, (such as the demography and climate of the organization) and other works, such as pulse research, questionnaires on specific topics, webinar / lectures, workshops (face-to-face or virtual) and wheels conversation, among other strategies.

8. Employ African

THE EmployeeAfro presents itself as “A consultancy in People Management, Ethnic-Racial Diversity and Inclusion”, promoting the inclusion of black professionals based on strategies focused on recruitment and selection, training, coaching and mentoring.

It is worth knowing more about the project on their social networks, as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

9. Maturi

In the market for five years, Maturi is a platform that offers job opportunities, personal development, professional training, entrepreneurship and networking.

During this period, the company has been working to consolidate more proposals for mature professionals across the country, reaching expressive marks, such as recognition by SEBRAE and UNDP Brazil in the Incluir 2017 Award. In 2018, it received the Municipal Seal of Diversity and Human Rights from São Paulo, in the Elderly category, among other achievements focused on the inclusion of diversity in the company.

10. Black Talent Bank

There is also the Black Talent Bank which has as main objective the availability of curricula of black professionals for employers in the area of ​​communication.

It is a kind of showcase, where employers see black talent and identify those with the profile of their companies. The platform itself claims to be an intermediate point between professionals and employers.

As a result, it is possible to see that Brazil is progressing in long strides towards more inclusion of diversity in companies, but it is a constant battle, and one that needs to be increasingly valued.

To help drive diversity and embrace differences forcefully, share this post on your networks social, so that other people can make use of one or more of these initiatives!



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