INFOGRAPHIC: The sectors we dream of, and those where we end up working

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Posted on August 28, 2015 at 5:04 p.m.Updated Sep 4, 2015, 11:07 am

Our partner Universum took an interest in this gap for engineering and business school profiles (students vs. alumni). With rich educational results, summarized in two infographics commented by Aurélie Robertet, Director of Universum London

What to remember:

“The area Fashion, Accessory and Luxury is still dreaming so much in English business schools. A third of the students questioned included it in their top 3 preferred sectors for a first job. However, only 5% of former graduates of these same schools make a career in this sector. On the other hand, thea Banking and Distribution, less popular with students, employ in fine a good portion of these graduates.

In terms of engineering schools, the sector Aerospace and Defense has the wind in its sails, but there too may disappoint a large number of them. Respondents, already in place, work mainly in energy (18%) and Industry and Production (11%), two sectors which clearly recruit more than Aerospace and Defense “.

What to remember:

“The results of the survey show that students value the long term and employability more than current people. In a way, they are more strategic than their elders, by accumulating a maximum of experience and references for their future career. This is why they will take a close interest in companies that are leaders in their field, in prestigious groups and that they will require real supervision.

After a few years in office, expectations change due to the change in personal situation (marriage, children, purchase of an apartment, etc.). Respondents indicate this time that they are more attached to tangible elements: remuneration, the possibility of better managing their work-life balance “.



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