Innovative management: how to innovate in the company’s administrative processes

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Innovative management: how to innovate in the company's administrative processes

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Innovative management is a practice that consists of monitoring the main trends and corporate solutions, involving the company in all aspects with training, qualifications and technologies that help meet and anticipate demands.

Much has been said about innovation for companies, currently, with prevalence in the use of new technologies to qualify the process.

It turns out that the innovative management has a lot of investment in technological solutions. Just not just that. Innovation can come from within and also from a new attitude of employees and the introduction of new processes.

The result of this is immediate: more productivity with less use of resources. And potentially more employee motivation and engagement.

Do you want to understand the reasons for this and why your company should invest as soon as possible in innovative management? Just go ahead with reading our article and be inspired by our suggestions!

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What is innovative management?

In short, innovative management is a practice that consists of monitoring the main trends and corporate solutions, involving the company in all aspects.

All this, through training and qualifications, for the management of people, continuous assessments and in dealing with human resources and in consumer relations. And, without a doubt, the punctual help for new technologies that help to meet and anticipate the demands.

After all, times have changed — a lot — in the last two decades. Corporate organizations that have not yet paid attention to this have lost competitive advantage.

It's just a matter of realizing the value that this change in attitude adds to a company's routine — regardless of its size or field of activity.

Let's take as an immediate example the millennial generation. Driven by constant challenges and changes, this professional profile does not adapt to the rigidity of a organizational culture traditional and inflexible.

Detail: millennials already correspond to at least 50% of the entire workforce today.

It is also worth dissociating the idea that innovation is a term pertaining only to the most brilliant minds of the century.

The work of an innovative management is applied with a lot of effort and creativity, yes, but with collective planning and with attention to a series of factors, such as:

Important factors for planning innovative management

  • knowledge of the entire work flow of the company, to identify opportunities and production bottlenecks in each of its stages;
  • the market moment and consolidated trends that can be applied to your company's reality;
  • the profile of its employees and the level of work motivation, seeking its continuous maintenance and improvement;
  • competitive actions and strategic assessment of which can be leveraged and shaped, and which should be discarded;
  • the level of satisfaction of your target audience regarding your solutions and the service provided by your teams.

It is noteworthy that these attitudes must be accompanied by a challenging work of flexibility in the mentality and behavior of the company's culture.

The rigidity of the processes lost space to the dynamism of the Digital Age. And innovative management is closely associated with these fundamental precepts in the organization of our society today.

What are the advantages of applying innovative management?

Although the path tends to be challenging — after all, we are talking about the disruption of an organizational culture, in many cases — the benefits of innovative management are varied.

And, many of them are immediate gains. This means that your company quickly adapts to market demands and needs and does not take as long to achieve this.

Below, we highlight some of the main advantages of applying innovative management:

More competitiveness for the company

By reinventing processes, taking care of internal talent and promoting qualitative improvements in technological investment, the company's transformation is immediate.

Consequently, you distance from the competition, who may still be resistant to the idea of ​​applying innovative management. Or even if you have identified solutions with less impact.

Turn your brand into authority

There is a lot of talk nowadays about adding more value. Companies must translate this into their products or services, but internally as well. Make employees become “ambassadors” brand, and help consolidate the company's reputation in the market.

A culture of innovation allows you to get the retaining talent and, also, that it attracts individuals in the market in search of a company with these characteristics.

Contributes to maintaining employee engagement

Let's take as an example a company that has invested in management software for HR. In such cases, many tasks can be automated, providing more free time for industry professionals to work on strategic elements.

One of them is the employee motivation. Assessments become more frequent and in-depth, identifying any problems before they evolve.

And a company that manages to minimize these issues and improve the overall satisfaction of its workforce has much to gain. In the end, happy professionals work much more and better!

Help in organizing internal processes

Finally, it is worth mentioning that internal processes are now better organized. The technology mentioned above is a relevant factor.

But not just her: innovative management maps the entire workflow. This allows processes to be constantly evaluated and monitored.

As a result, the organization becomes a permanent part of the company's organizational culture.

How to implement it?

So far, we've seen what innovative management is and what the benefits of applying it are. It remains, therefore, to understand the path for its planning and execution to reap the aforementioned results.

To make it easier, below we've compiled a complete step by step so that innovative management is fully absorbed into the DNA of the organization where you work. Check out:

Step by step towards innovative management

  • Have a strategic planning. Know where you want to guide the company's development before pointing out solutions considered innovative;
  • then identify the situations that can be improved and what are the respective solutions for each one of them;
  • involve teams in the process. One of the great characteristics of innovative management is the rupture of the vertical hierarchy of leadership, therefore, share ideas and open communication channels so that employees can actively participate in the process;
  • monitor and track the main metrics evaluated through the outlined objectives. They will help to garner the attention of those responsible for change and then constantly assess whether the company is on the right track or if adjustments are needed.

Based on what we saw earlier, let's use the management software example. Once your need has been identified, the person responsible for implementing the project must have, in advance, the objective clarified and the entire transition mapped.

Thus, throughout the process it is possible to evaluate what were the immediate results, with this change, and what were the identified improvements.

In the dynamism promoted by technological solutions, it is possible to have the data at hand easily, contributing to an effective monitoring and whose response time is short.

Are there challenges in implementing innovative management?

As we've already anticipated, innovative management may not be as easy as its creators would like. In the end, not every breaking point is done overnight.

But this varies according to the organization culture. There are companies that already dealt with a more flexible model and that, faced with a solution identified as differentiated, manage to carry it out without major obstacles along the way.

In addition, another challenge to be noted is the impact of evaluated solutions. Because, as we have already mentioned, the competition must also pay attention to the implementation of innovative management.

But just as a solution may work for a competitor, it may not suit your routine properly. Therefore, it is not worth imagining a generic solution.

The culture of innovative management is in the strategy customization and In yours application according to the demand, needs and objectives of each company. Here is the big challenge.

What projects can be inspiring in this regard?

To finalize our content — and add real value to all the words we've presented so far — there's room for inspirational cases.

In other words: real market situations in which innovative management proved to be effective so that the expected results were achieved. Are they:


Resulting from the deep attention to market demands and the direction of society, the sportswear brand has invested not only in elegance, but in sustainability.

Realize the impact of this, at a time when the subject actively influences the consumer's brand perception. And the company set the course, aligning its values ​​to a production that combines style with environmental awareness.


The international financial crisis, between 2007 and 2009, made Gerdau give a class in innovative management: the steel company invested heavily in new technologies and modernization of its production chain.

As a result, the production cost was lower and the production capacity higher. This generated more income for the company, which showed the importance of being one step ahead of the circumstances surrounding its industry – directly or indirectly.

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So, were you able to get a good idea of ​​the power of innovative management, its advantages and how to apply it in the reality of your business? Now, if you are looking for more tips and news in your market, Subscribe to our newsletter — just fill in your email address in the specific field, located in the lower right corner of the our blog — to receive all our items firsthand!


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