Integration kit for new employees: 5 tips to create yours!

Integration kit for new employees: 5 tips to create yours!

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Integrating newly hired employees into the team can be a challenge for the HR. However, there are some practices that make the process of onboarding successful and generate numerous benefits. Do you want to know what are the indispensable materials of the integration kit for new employees? Keep reading!

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is an expression of the English language that can be translated as “Embarking”. It is associated with the process of integrating newly hired employees into the company.

The process is responsible for presenting new employees with the company culture, code of ethics, mission, vision, values, processes and introduce these employees to the team.

It has a strategic role within companies and HR is the sector responsible for executing it.

Integrate newcomers effectively can generate a number of business benefits, including cost savings and turnover.

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Integration kit for new employees: bill of materials

1. Welcome message

This is the first item in the welcome kit for new employees, and a very fundamental one.

In many companies, the new employee receives a standard message that is signed by the company president, the director of the corresponding area or, in the case of smaller companies, this presentation is made by the manager of the team on which this new employee will work.

It is important that the tone of the message is upbeat and informal.

In the content, it is possible to highlight important points of the company's culture or simply good wishes for the new challenge.

If the company has some personalized items, this is the time to present it to the new employee:

Information documents and guides

Include in the integration kit for new employees the basics that new hires should know about your company and its people.

Provide information to help new employees get used to their new workspace and prevent them from asking uncomfortable or obvious questions. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Employee manual;
  2. HR forms, such as:
    • Employment contract;
    • Benefit forms;
    • Emergency contact form;
    • Confidentiality agreements;
    • Recognition of company policies;
    • Schedules for the first day of the new hire and the first week of work.
  3. Chart;
  4. Office map;
  5. A directory of employees, including those for each employee:
    • Phone number;
    • Email;
    • Username in the company's messaging app.
  6. A guide with local access points, including nearby:

These company welcome kit materials help the employee in the new work environment and inform them of their new role and the company.

These materials can be delivered before your start date to show that the company is excited for your arrival. Or, it can be delivered on the first day of work, leaving the materials on your desk.

2. Presentation of the company

This is a fundamental step in welcoming the new employee, which consists in familiarizing the newly hired person.

This will happen both with the physical space, in which he will work, and with the company, its values ​​and other information about the business situation. And, of course, his position within the corporation.

Human Resources must also tell a little about the company's history, the motivations of the founders and the difficulties faced, increasing the emotional engagement of the new employee with the company.

As part of the integration kit for new employees, a presentation of the company can be made with a tour of the Human Resources department with the new employee.

The tour of the company must begin with a presentation to the people with whom the employee will work directly and to the office or table where he will stay.

Afterwards, it is essential to show the environment and the important points of the place, such as the bathrooms, the pantry and the meeting room.

It is also interesting that it is presented to all departments and colleagues in other areas.

3. Products and services offered by the company

One of the roles that can be performed by the Human Resources department in the integration kit for new employees, is to create a presentation / portfolio with a complete description to provide to the new employee.

This is an important item, which sometimes, companies end up not giving very important and focusing only on the area / service that the employee will act.

However, an overview of the company can generate great admiration for the new employee. Give an overview of the services and products offered by the company.

HR can also ask the Product or Sales area to make this presentation to the new employee. This will encourage greater contact with other areas, right from the first days.

4. Internal policies and procedures

Do not expect the new employee to discover only on a day-to-day basis what the internal policy and procedures are, such as the company's dress code, or the holiday amendment policy.

How is the use of the refrigerator? What time does the office open? How is the use of parking? There are several rules that you must communicate.

Create a clear and descriptive document of all internal policies and procedures and distribute this right through the integration process. Make a presentation of this document and remove any doubts that arise.

5. Description of the new employee's duties

It is always good to document the new employee's job description in the integration kit for new employees.

Having this document as “support”, The new employee will be able, in the first days, to consult this document several times to align everything he is learning with what is expected of him.

Making it transparent motivates and increases your productivity.

Investing in people is one of the most important sources of investment for a company to be successful.

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Successful onboarding!

When onboarding is done correctly, it generates:

  • higher levels of engagement and motivation;
  • greater organizational commitment;
  • helps to improve the performance of new employees;
  • less stress for both current and new employees during the adaptation period of newly hired employees.

Finally, we understand that the integration of employees is an activity that should be part of the routine of all companies.

Remember that your main objective is to make the new employee feel at ease and well received by your company.

The integration kit for new employees described above, is a way to support and answer questions that may arise from the new employee's day to day.

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