Integration of employees on admission: how to make it more natural in your company

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Integration of employees on admission: how to make it more natural in your company

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It is very important for companies to invest in the integration of employees on admission, as

this moment is very important in the career of its employees.

The time is gone when the employee arrived on his first day of work, entered an “admission room” and spent a few hours watching old institutional videos and filling out endless paperwork.

This routine of signing papers, going after documents – who has never heard that “where do I find my PIS number?” -, talk to HR, do old-fashioned tests on the computer and then sit in your cubicle in silence while waiting for the “IT staff” to release your login to start the job, it’s in the past.

A good adaptation to the company and the adaptation to work improve productivity and reduce the so-called turnover, or the exit of employees. This process begins at the time of admission and must be maintained for as long as the employee works at the company.

Large companies have already begun to realize the importance of a good process of integrating employees, which can take time, but reduces the turnover in the first days of new employees, according to an EXAME article.

Making the employee feel welcome and continuing to feel in a pleasant environment reinforces team work, reduces the number of absences, improves the organizational climate and even the company’s image.

Anyway, there is no shortage of reasons – you can read more about the importance of team integration at this link – to invest in a good process of integrating employees upon admission.

Integration of new employees in the company: what not to do

Check out some of the main mistakes made by companies during the process of integrating employees on admission, which can be easily avoided, according to Catho:

  • Carry out incomplete integration work;
  • Do not make clear the role of the professional within the organization;
  • Failure to properly communicate the entry of the new employee;
  • Do not clearly communicate the company’s values ​​code.

Most of these errors can be avoided by automating and modernizing the employee admission process. Less paperwork, more information and online forms.

This avoids the waste of paper, the loss of documents and facilitates the employee’s access to important information about the company and the new position to be held by him. Good communication with continuous feedback is the key.

How to integrate new employees

A few simple integration measures can make all the difference for the newly hired employee and avoid the famous “weather” in the future.

An example is the distribution of information about the company’s culture – preferably online!

Sending to the employee a manual of internal policies and standards makes it clear to him what is expected of the company’s employees and the code of values ​​of the place where he is working.

A less common, but extremely interesting measure: have you considered sending a functional organization chart of the company as well?

The ideal is to introduce the new employee personally at least to the team with whom he will work most closely. But it is also important that he also knows the other employees, bosses, managers etc.

Outlook, Word, Excel and all these “Office package” style programs and the like are already known to the public, but have you ever arrived at a new company and heard names that are completely unknown?

A systems map can help the new employee to integrate more quickly and without constraints.

Does your company use Slack to communicate? Do you use Trello to make boards? Do you have an internal communicator, a specific platform for e-mails?

Don’t make your new employee spend days wasting the courage to ask a question that seems “silly”. Anticipate these moments and offer the necessary information so that he can integrate without difficulties.

All of this can be done in addition to that basic documentation process, organizing the workplace, providing e-mails, passwords and badges.

It is worth repeating, however, that the “basic” process of integrating employees on admission today is done in a much more efficient way through automated and digital channels.

Team work

The important task of welcoming newbies is not just HR. The entire team must be involved in the process and nothing substitutes for personal contact.

Even if it is that good old meeting, no matter how busy your team is, to introduce yourself to the new member. One thing is a fact: these minutes spent for personal presentation make all the difference in the future of the new (and old) employees of the company.

How to take a step further to ensure the integration of the newly hired employee? How to maintain the so important culture of welcome in your company? In addition to the aforementioned ways, all group activities help to integrate your team.

A company with a good organizational climate continuously offers training for its employees, brainstorming sessions to discuss ideas collectively and meetings.

On the more “fun” side of the coin, it is possible to organize happy hours with your employees, celebrating achievements and even celebrating promotions and anniversaries.

Remember: “it is necessary to carry out a structured program of internal communication, with important channels, instruments and actions to give greater visibility to organizational objectives”, as analyst Vinicius Gouveia, from the Vanzolini Foundation, told Catho.

And you and your company can count on the HR Consultant UK platform for that.

How to integrate employees at work with HR Consultant UK

The way we do things is changing. Revolutionize employee integration at admission and on the job with HR Consultant UK’s Admissions tools.

Leave bureaucracy and paperwork behind: the employee himself takes a photo of your documents and fills in the online form. With a simple and intuitive design, it is clear every step that must be followed and nothing is missing.

To avoid that impersonal admission, the Online Admissions tool still allows you to welcome your employee in your own way – including using videos.

And you know that long list of endless emails between HR and your new employee? You can say goodbye to that too. With the HR Consultant UK tool, employees can chat and answer all their questions quickly and easily.

HR Consultant UK’s online Admissions tool still integrates with the other systems offered by the company, such as its payroll system.

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