Interim is no longer the precarious contract you think!

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Posted on Jan 13, 2022 at 7:01 am

When the interim contract was put in place, it was for a long time discredited, because it did not provide sufficient stability in professional life, and considered precarious. Interim is taking a new path. Its image is evolving and becoming more suited to the younger generations because it is in tune with the needs of businesses today. Different from freelancing, where the autoentrepreneur must look for his own contracts or even wage portage, a still relatively unknown status which allows to choose his own clients, the interim allows to be supported in his professional project while being remunerated by a sole employer, the temp agency.

Whether you gain experience, work in “project mode”, change your work environment or return to work for good, this dynamic and flexible solution is for everyone.

Why the new generations?

Making a career in the same company is no longer a dream. The younger generations now want to work in a flexible way and choose more assignments that allow them to gain experience.

How can this be explained? Some of the young people lost their jobs because of the health crisis and turned to this type of contract. The interim offers assignments in all areas of activity, in all structural forms, and covers all levels of qualification. People who want to discover new work environments, jobs or fields of activity and adapt can opt for temporary work. It offers learning opportunities and allows you to approach many trades before taking a definitive orientation.

A need for freedom?

This contract appears for some young graduates as the key to overcome their lack of experience and avoid difficulties in hiring. Temporary work allows them to discover the world of work, to gain skills quickly, to build up a network of professionals or to refine their projects to improve their aptitude for employment. These young people will always find many opportunities to pursue the various careers to which they aspire.

Concretely, the sectors which recruit the most young interim executives are today industry, health and the tertiary sector. The most sought-after jobs relate to functions in human resources, finance departments, sales representatives, engineers and technical managers. A range of job offers that has grown in recent years.

One of the arguments of choice of the interim is also its very nature, which does not displease young people fond of freedom and flexibility. Generation Z craves freedom. They no longer have confidence in the established structures, prefer to keep their autonomy, are much more empowered than before and want to remain in control of their choice.

To note

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