Internal employee satisfaction survey: 5 key questions to ask

Internal employee satisfaction survey: 5 key questions to ask

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THE internal employee satisfaction survey It is essential to understand whether employees are happy with their work and what factors are hindering the full performance of their role.

Understanding these issues is essential to ensure a more pleasant corporate environment, better conditions and, consequently, retention high.

Remember that a company with high turnover faces serious problems in the quality of services provided and in the continuity of processes, just to mention some of the consequences.

In this post, we will suggest 5 questions that can be asked during the survey, and that will lead to a greater understanding of what discourages your employees today.

If you are interested in the subject, read on!

What is the internal satisfaction survey?

The internal employee satisfaction survey is a tool that leads to a deeper knowledge of employees, understanding their feelings and difficulties during their work routine.

The data collected during the survey gives insights about what can be improved in the company, from equipment, to salary and benefits, even training for a more empathetic leadership.

How is the internal satisfaction survey carried out?

THE satisfaction survey is made through the distribution of a questionnaire among employees, who must answer questions anonymously and honestly. The methodology to be chosen will depend on the company's objectives and the HR conditions to evaluate the results.

These tests will highlight the biggest problems that employees face. On top of this information, HR must outline improvement strategies according to the available budget, evaluating what can really be put into practice.

Here at HR Consultant UK, we already use this template to understand employee satisfaction regarding benefits. To download it just click here!

What is the strategic role of research in people management?

At satisfaction surveys are excellent thermometers to understand if the company is managing to work correctly its people management, focusing on well-being of the employee.

Only with the enhancement of human capital is it possible to achieve greater results and have a more conscious development of the brand.

When taken seriously, the satisfaction survey it gives a very clear picture of what it is like to work in a particular company. And when this picture is negative, it is high time to take steps to improve the conditions of employees.

What questions can be asked in an internal employee satisfaction survey?

The most appropriate questions to ask in a satisfaction survey they can vary according to the type of company, the culture exercised internally and the relationship with employees.

However, some issues are common to most organizations and help to clarify the employees' feelings towards work. Are they:

1. Do you see possibilities for growth in the company?

The millennial generation is starting to occupy an increasing space in the labor market and one of the main characteristics of these professionals is the rush for career growth.

When there is no possibility of growth, they go in search of a new learning opportunity.

One survey conducted by Bridge (American company that provides software aimed at managing people and Human Resources), found that 86% of millennials interviewed they would remain in the same job if opportunities for development and training were offered.

That is why it is so important to understand if the professional sees real conditions to grow within the company. The possibility of improvement has a great impact on an employee's degree of satisfaction.

2. Do you feel that your everyday tasks are supported?

Performing tasks becomes time-consuming and cumbersome when employees do not have access to the necessary tools to develop the work.

Outdated technology not only slows down processes that could be completed much faster, it also discourages employees who need to develop the role and are aware of the need for more efficient support.

3. Do you feel aligned with the organizational culture?

Employees who do not identify with the organizational culture and are not aligned with the company mission and values, will certainly not be fully engaged and will not do their best to carry out the tasks.

Furthermore, without a well-crafted culture, it is impossible to exercise good leadership and involve the team around a purpose.

To have a good retention of talent, it is essential that employees like the your company's culture as a whole, which includes the organization's working environment and way of working. Even because a nice place improves the relationship between colleagues and increases collaboration within team projects.

4. Do you consider your role important to the company?

One published research in 2017 by Globoforce's WorkHuman Research Institute showed that people who decide to continue in the same job feel motivated because they know how important they are to the company.

People need appreciation and realize when their work makes a difference. A high degree of job satisfaction is closely linked to finding meaning in tasks and knowing that your effort impacts the organization as a whole.

5. Does your job bring you financial security?

Doubts regarding the future and a salary far below of needs raises concerns, stress and disengagement. At the first opportunity, the employee will look for another job where he or she is better paid and can live more peacefully.

That's why it's so important to understand if the employee feels they are being paid as they should and feels secure about their current, short-term financial situation.

With these 5 questions, it is possible to start structuring a pinternal employee satisfaction survey able to contribute to the company's growth and help to understand employees. Thus, HR can take preventive measures to prevent the turnover and implement improvements.

And you, what do you find most demotivating in your work? And what factors encourage you to stay with the same company? Share your experiences and impressions with us in the comments!


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