Internship report: 5 mistakes not to make

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Table of Contents

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 12:54 pmUpdated Sep 30, 2015, 10:41 AM

1) Leave spelling mistakes

It may sound obvious, but there is nothing more irritating for a proofreader than reading an internship report full of mistakes. The best of content can be crippling if your internship report has not been carefully proofread. Worse, it can make you look like a looser person. Are you not the king or queen of spelling? In this case, do not hesitate to entrust your document to an experienced eye of those around you. There are even professional correctors, who, for a fee, can give you a report free from any fault or overly heavy wording.

2) Have a structure that lacks rigor

Writing an internship report does not mean chronologically recounting the progress of your internship, nor unfolding a catalog listing all your assignments. You must have a critical eye on your experience, your missions, even on the processes of the company, or its organization. To support your point, an intelligent and orderly structure is essential! Before you start writing your report, first build a detailed plan. If you know in advance where you are going, it will make your writing easier, and certainly much better.

3) neglect the form of your internship report

Keep this in mind: your internship report must be treated both in substance and in form. Style and syntax should be simple and clear, your sentences short and to the point. Do not be tempted by filling … Your content must convey real information and not be unnecessarily diluted. For ease of reading, use illustrations, graphics or numbers, but sparingly. Too many graphics kill the graphic! And of course, pay particular attention to the exterior appearance, because this is the first contact with your proofreader: attractive front cover, impeccable binding, airy layout, summary of the numbered report …

4) botch the introduction and conclusion

The introduction and the conclusion are essential steps of the internship report. Moreover, some correctors will only read these two elements! The introduction of the report must contain essential points, such as your motivations, the situation of the internship in your career, your expectations, your missions, the presentation of the company and of course the announcement of the plan. As for the conclusion of the report, it must be striking. Do not hesitate to share what you learned during your internship and to be critical. You will finally be able to put your experience in perspective with your expectations and your professional project. And of course, don't forget the acknowledgments in your report, which are essential in building your professional network!

5) practice plagiarism

In theory, all the content of your internship report should be original and plagiarism is strongly discouraged. If you want to include texts that were not written by you, always cite your sources (annual report or company welcome booklet, website, etc.). This will be better perceived by your proofreader than an easily verifiable copy and paste which can be detrimental to you.


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