Intrapreneur: what it is and how to use an employee’s entrepreneurial spirit in favor of your business

Intrapreneur: what it is and how to use an employee's entrepreneurial spirit in favor of your business

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Innovating is essential to stand out in the market and get new customers, but it is not a simple thing to do. Creating surprising projects goes far beyond technology: it is important that each initiative be conducted and thought by the people who work in the company. And for that, it is necessary to count on collaborators who have the Intrapreneur's profile.

The concept of Intrapreneur is directly related to the so-called sense of ownership that organizations are currently looking for.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know to encourage that spirit in your employees. Want to know more? Check it out below!

What is Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneur (intra-entrepreneur, in English) is the employee who undertakes within the organization where it operates.

This type of professional profile is guided by willingness to innovate and overcome challenges, doing for the company what a businessman would do for his startup.

In a more romantic definition, it can be said that they are dreamers who do.

One of Intrapreneur's greatest differentials is its business vision.

Even working as an employee, he does not look at the company as it is, but at how she should be. It is a rare profile to be found, but highly requested by current companies.

With all this at stake, investing in intrapreneurship is the best strategy for oxygenate business ideas. Stimulate this spirit in the team:

  • guarantees the development of creative projects;
  • generates positive results;
  • encourages professional development for employees.

How to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in employees?

Getting the most out of what an Intrapreneur has to offer is one of the biggest challenges in dealing with this type of employee. However, with the appropriate measures, it is fully possible offer the best working conditions intra-entrepreneurs. Below are some valuable tips on how to do this.

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1. Know how to identify intrapreneurs

The intrapreneur usually differentiates himself from co-workers who do not have this profile. As a rule, it is a person who:

The difference is that, while the entrepreneur is responsible for taking care of an entire operation, the intrapreneur uses the same style of work, to address specific demands.

Observe your employees on a daily basis and start to notice which ones have this boldest spirit.

Knowing how to identify these people is the first step towards develop their characteristics and take advantage of 100% of their potential.

2. Empower the team

The fact that a professional has an entrepreneurial profile is an advantage, but it is not enough to guarantee his success as an intrapreneur.

There is no point in having an ambitious project for companies if employees still do not understand how the innovative management process works.

Therefore, it is essential to invest training and qualification of employees. Trainings with a focus on prototyping and time management are great starting points for having a great team of intrapreneurs in the future.

3. Give autonomy

Intrapreneurs of course:

  • take responsibility for innovation within the organization;
  • they are seen as agitators, subversives and restless;
  • they are hardly limited to executing projects within the given coordinates.

They have their own way of doing things and this must be respected.

Never try to make the intrapreneur work outside his / her characteristics.

Make room for him to:

  • suggest new ideas;
  • take calculated risks;
  • face your challenges.

To innovate, it is necessary to value the employee, giving him space to:

  • to create;
  • make decisions;
  • take responsibilities.

All of this, of course, I understand the limits of the organization so as not to harm the financial health of the business.

Without proper autonomy, the natural path for an employee with an entrepreneurial soul is to ask for the bills and open his own business. But, if the company offers the right working conditions, he will be motivated to remain and will become one of the organization's greatest allies.

4. Allow the intrapreneur to get to know the business in depth

The intrapreneur must know everything about the company's gears, from business conduct to cash flow.

Only then will it be possible to trace good strategies and create really innovative products, services and systems.

Basically, it's all a matter of logic: you can't change what you don't know.

One of the best measures to make this happen is to promote job rotation.

In this concept, the employee goes through all areas of the business, working for a time in each one. By taking a closer look at the departments' processes and routines, the employee gains unparalleled knowledge about how the company works.

5. Be open to innovation

Every company says it wants to innovate, but in practice the story is quite different.

In many cases, the organization's leaders lack the vision or the courage to put their intrapreneurs' ideas into practice. And it can be very expensive for the business.

The Kodak case is a great example. As a company employee, electrical engineer Steven Sasson created the first digital camera in history in 1975. However, the high dome saw the idea as a threat to the company's business, which was printed photos.

Although Steven was allowed to develop a prototype, he stayed in the drawer. Even after being improved, it was never released by the company.

Result: digital cameras took over the market in the 2000s, without Kodak taking part in this revolution. In 2012, the company declared bankruptcy because it was not prepared to compete in the digital technology market.

The lesson that remains is: support your intrapreneurs' ideas.

You have vision to be one step ahead, without clinging to the models that work today or have been successful in the past. No business moves without taking risks, so don't hesitate to be innovative and creative.

Does your company have any intrapreneur on the team?

With the tips that we present here, you will certainly be able to stimulate that spirit in your team and achieve great results. Enough believe in the potential of employees and empower them to create differentiated and innovative projects!

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