Is being employed synonymous with security?

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When they are employed in a good company and in a relevant position, with satisfactory benefits and salary, it is normal for some professionals to feel comfortable and unconcerned about the future. But, even in the face of apparent tranquility, should one stop looking at the market?

It is very important to deconstruct the idea that having a formal job means being safe. This is not true, because in order to remain in a position, it is not only necessary for the professional to achieve the objectives of the position with competence and good performance, but also for the economy to be heated, as well as the company's business. We know that dismissal doesn't just happen to those who are not a good professional. In these times of crisis, for example, the dismissals did not choose position or qualities. Sectors closed and companies stopped producing, leaving hundreds of people unemployed overnight.

At this moment, those who did not prepare are the most affected. As calm as a position can be, it is a mistake to settle and believe that it will never be turned off.

In Outplacement processes, it is very common to deal with professionals who arrive frustrated and disappointed, because they believe that the company has not properly recognized the good services provided or the total dedication to the organization's business. Focusing the career only on the needs of the place where you work is a big mistake. You should, of course, put every effort into your role and try to stand out, but never stop taking care of your own career and developing other skills. This obligation cannot be delegated to the company's human resources department. It is not managers who should take care of the future of their employees; each one must seek what is best for them and visualize when opportunities for promotions arise, for example.

The professional should seek to know different areas where he works, suggest improvements, maintain a good relationship with colleagues and act in a politically correct way. These attitudes increase knowledge and visibility and increase employability. Transiting in other sectors and hearing from colleagues about projects and solutions is also a way to populate your network of contacts, which is fundamental.

But networking shouldn't just exist in the workplace. It is necessary to dedicate time to yourself, to participate in events, courses, specializations and keep in touch not only with colleagues from the current company and others where you have been, but with suppliers, customers, teachers and study colleagues, for example. .

Always have an open conversation with your leaders and also subordinates to understand what the evaluation of your work is. In the UK, there is still no firm culture of feedback at work, but this is one of the most important and free tools that professionals have in their hands to be able to grow in their careers. It is important to seek information about how people see you within the company, how they see your potential and listen to suggestions on what you could develop better, not only technically, but in the behavioral area as well.

Being attentive to market movements, the sector in which it operates, what is being requested in the opportunities disclosed and exchanging information is essential. The professional must always be prepared, have a clear career objective and daily think about actions to develop without depending on the organization in which he works, because if there is a dismissal, it will be easier to guarantee a replacement and remain professionally active and guarantee your source of income.

Jucilene Rocha Dal'Negro is a Talent Management Consultant at HR Consultant UK, leading individual and collective Outplacement, Assessment and Counseling processes.


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