Is culture and leisure worth it: is it worth offering this benefit?

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Is culture and leisure worth it: is it worth offering this benefit?

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Invest in corporate benefits differentiated is an efficient way to retain your company’s talents through motivation. When thinking about exclusive attractions for the profile of its employees, the company can only win. As is the case with worth culture and leisure.

Through this action close to the interests of employees, the company shows that it cares about the well-being and their quality of life – also outside the company -, since this measure aims at cultural enrichment when they are not in corporate hours.

If you are thinking of using the culture and leisure voucher among its benefits, take the opportunity to continue with this reading. In the topics below, we will better understand how this important item works that can add a lot to the value of your organization!

Good reading!

What is the culture and leisure voucher?

The culture and leisure voucher is a corporate benefit that consists of a monthly deposit of R $ 50 and which was instituted by the federal government in 2012, as of Law 12,761, of December 27 of the same year. With it, it is possible to bring cultural enrichment to its professionals, since the credit can be used in various cultural activities, services and products.

Who can benefit from it?

The monthly credit of R $ 50 is associated with workers who maintain a formal employment relationship with organizations – under the CLT regime, therefore.

The Federal Government set it up with the simple thought of generating more access for people to cultural events in the country, and also to encourage the consumption of cultural and entertainment products.

What does culture and leisure value consist of?

When your employees have access to this type of corporate benefits, in addition to well-being and more quality of life, they can enjoy different experiences. Between them:

  • theatrical performances;
  • entrance to museums and exhibitions;
  • cinema sessions;
  • shows and shows;
  • exhibitions;
  • circus performances;
  • purchase of varied products, such as books, DVDs and Blu-Rays, CDs and also magazines and newspapers, among others;
  • tuition in courses associated with artistic expressions.

For that, the credits (which are cumulative, inclusive) must be used in establishments that accept the culture and leisure voucher card.

How is the bureaucracy behind the benefit?

In this relationship, it is worth noting who is involved and how the bureaucracy occurs for the implementation of the culture and leisure voucher in companies:

  • beneficiary companies, which are the organizations that grant the benefit to their professionals;
  • receiving companies (legal entities that receive the culture and leisure voucher);
  • operators, which are companies authorized by the Ministry of Culture to offer the voucher for culture and leisure through their respective magnetic cards.

Thus, it is worthwhile to do a good research about the participating companies, so that their employees have access to the best cultural offer.

What are the advantages of this?

We mentioned earlier the value for the organizational culture company, presenting itself as a faithful representative of the cultural spread of its employees.

However, it is worth highlighting a series of benefits that spread through the production routine, its professionals and other beneficial points for the company’s growth as well, such as:

  • access to cultural knowledge, which can generate innovative ideas, stimulate creativity and generate more well-being for the routine of its employees;
  • more productivity in return for the company’s care in generating quality of life for professionals;
  • greater retention and talent attraction on account of the aforementioned reason;
  • lower turnover rates, which also minimize unnecessary costs and losses based on periodic layoffs and hiring;
  • market value for the company.

It is also worth noting that companies that opt ​​for the culture and leisure voucher get tax exemption. The benefits do not affect the FGTS nor the social security contribution. It is, therefore, a tax incentive.

Which, for organizations, this translates into up to a 1% reduction in income tax (on the value of the real profit).

Not to mention that the culture and leisure voucher is an attraction that few organizations use to stimulate their employees. And that is where your company can take the lead. To get inspired by this type of idea, take a read, after this article, in our post that talks about the different benefits that can be offered to employees!

How to participate in the Vale Cultura program?

In addition to the parties involved, mentioned in previous topics, the culture and leisure voucher requires a very easy process to be followed in order to put it into practice in your organization.

For this, the first step is to find out if your company has no pending issues with the IRS and the Ministry of Labor.

Then, it is important to apply for enrollment in the official website of the Ministry of Culture. When clicking on the banner written “accreditation” and then “register beneficiary”, it will be necessary to fill in the form that asks for some data, such as:

  • CNPJ;
  • CPF of the person in charge of the company;
  • business address;
  • contacts of employees (must be categorized by salary range).

In addition, it is worth checking which operators offer the voucher for culture and leisure. To do this, take a look at the list available on the official website of the Ministry of Culture.

How to choose the operator?

To make sure that your choice will be the best possible, pay attention only to the management fee that these companies charge. It can vary from 0 to 6%, which consists of evaluating the best company and also the price that will be invested monthly by your organization.

In addition, the culture and leisure voucher has everything to be among the great attractions of your company, being complemented by other strategies of benefits and the maintenance of the quality of life and well-being of its teams.

So, to complement what we’ve seen so far, be sure to also evaluate our post that talks about everything you need to know about food stamps, one of the most popular corporate benefits on the market!


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