Is hiring people without experience worth it for the company?

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Is hiring people without experience worth it for the company?

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By hiring inexperienced people, companies embark on a long journey into the unknown. After all, it is a valuable opportunity to join a young talent in the job market, polishing him/her so that he/she develops as a person and as a professional. It pays, therefore, if HR has a good development plan.

It takes a job to have experience and, on the other hand, it takes experience to have a job. This is the existential dilemma that many first-time professional talents face when looking for their first job opportunity.

But for companies: it's really worth it hire inexperienced people?

It's an interesting subject, and one that makes for a long and productive conversation. That's why we've made a complete compilation so that you can discuss it with your current considerations, regardless of what it is.

Come with us, then, and let's find out if it pays off for companies to hire people without experience!

Why hire people with no experience?

Every selection process requires specific requirements for the position to be filled. For example:

  • academic education;
  • professional experience;
  • fluency in one or more languages;
  • knowledge in technologies (general or fundamental for certain tasks);
  • skills and attitudes of different profiles (such as creativity, ease of interacting with other teams, etc.).

Sometimes these skills are more or less required than in other roles. And it goes without saying that human resources specialists must be very attentive to the best set of characteristics among selected candidates.

But that doesn't happen so often — whether due to lack of interest in the opportunity, lack of method of filtering candidates or even qualified professionals (or those who practice salaries incompatible with the hierarchical level that the company is looking for).

Thus, hiring inexperienced professionals can be a path to excellence for everyone!

For the company

Let's say that a professional has just left college and can't wait to enter the job market. If HR knows the profile needed to fill a position, recruiters can focus on personal characteristics such as leadership, pro-activity etc…

And, thus, it is easier to approach professionals who are immediately identified with the profile and organizational culture of the companies. Then, through training and other development techniques, honing these talents proves to be fundamentally valuable.

No wonder, programs like internships or even the Young Apprentice offer interesting opportunities to build a promising career — and promising professionals — from your first chances in the job market.

More economy and assertiveness, therefore, to build a team of talented people and who will reciprocate in gratitude and results for the organization.

Not to mention that, when hiring inexperienced people, you are not bringing it in your luggage “vices” that other organizations may have exercised in the profile of this employee. In general, they are young and determined professionals who will have the greatest interest in learning.

And that is to say: they will grow according to your company's culture. An alliance of mutual help.

for the employee

It is no secret that the market is unstable as a result of recent economic and political crises in the country. To get an idea, unemployment has reached an average of 13 million UK citizens.

Therefore, many good professionals are adrift in this space of uncertainty and challenges to recolor themselves at work. when you focus on hire inexperienced people, there is a way to offer something that many UK citizens lack: an opportunity.

For the employee, this translates into more determination, gratitude, productivity and willingness to take the job and grow there. Not to mention that it boosts the job market and inspires more people to pursue that commitment — internally, it can inspire other employees to do the same.

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What are the risks of hiring inexperienced professionals?

Of course hire inexperienced people it has its good points, but there are risks and precautions that must be evaluated, too.

For example, just as you're giving your first professional chances to someone inexperienced, you're opening the door—and sorry for the redundancy—to someone inexperienced.

Someone, therefore, with no practice on the processes, difficulties and challenges that can arise, on a daily basis, increasing the risk of wrong decisions, for example.

Consequently, the need to have close leadership, focused on assisting (and not just delegating), as well as the attention to polishing employees is greater.

Therefore, HR and managers must be aligned in this regard, offering a space that promotes growth along with daily activities. No wonder, clearly speaking: hiring inexperienced people is an investment.

It can be costly—and it is—to work on developing your human resources. But if HR knows the most assertive means for this, the material and intangible returns are significant!

How to do this type of differentiated hiring work?

To finish this article, let's leave some quick tips for you to know what to look for, when hiring people without professional experience in your company:

  • look beyond those qualifications which illustrate the resumes;
  • evaluate, in the selection process, the conduct, posture and profile of candidates;
  • know in advance what these values ​​are and how they can be assessed in interviews and tests;
  • have a motto: hire for character, and develop skills;
  • focus on a ceaseless work of capacity building and training. This will guarantee (along with a good process of performance evaluation) that, by hiring inexperienced professionals, they grow together with the organization;
  • identify the main characteristics for filling all positions in the company. This further qualifies the process of recruitment and selection.

Did you see how practical and relevant tips are to be applied in the HR routine? Over time, hiring inexperienced people can become one of your brand's greatest assets.

And, as you may know, it's these details that resonate positively and build your company's value across the entire market!

Now, we also want to hear a little bit of what you've already seen and heard: what are the positive points and attention, in your opinion, in hiring people without experience? Let's discuss it here, just leave a comment below!


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