Is it possible to develop large companies with a small HR team?

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Is it possible to develop large companies with a small HR team?

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When it comes to the day-to-day life of a human resources sector, size doesn't matter. Even so, a small HR team can achieve great results for any organization. For this, however, the sector has to be equipped with the best solutions so that processes can flow smoothly and always more efficiently.

You cannot judge a team by its size. When the sector is well organized, with all processes mapped and a good investment in technology, to keep the most strategic professionals, a small HR team can prove from great help for the development of the company.

And that's exactly what we'll see throughout this post: tips for companies to understand that quantity is not necessarily the answer to the quality so desired in internal development.

See below how to harness the talent and resources of your small HR team to generate powerful business results!

The challenges of a small HR team with growing companies

if you have a small HR team, the management must be carried out from the balance between motivation, engagement and productivity — just like a big team, you see?

So, regardless of the organization's growth, HR must always consider this balance to develop, together, and with larger doses to accommodate your attention to the developing workforce.

An example: with prior planning, HR is able to anticipate the demand for training, integrations and bureaucratic processes, already knowing the average time for this and the necessary solutions for automate mechanical tasks.

This leaves time for your small HR team deal exclusively with issues that require a greater focus to understand employees and always provide support.

The need for a good investment in technology

As mentioned above, it is not enough to have a small HR team and allow work demand to increase exponentially.

Through technological tools, many works can be delegated to these solutions — such as management software —, which does not overload your team.

It is worth noting that this type of solution does not require a lot of knowledge or exorbitant investments. Digital transformation has made new technologies more accessible and faster to implement.

With integrated data, even a small HR team manages to increase its productive demand without increasing the risks, unforeseen events, errors and employee stress.

one soldier's army

Something relevant and that should be mentioned, to finish the article, is that small HR staff should not be considered a requirement.: although professionals can deal with high demands, currently, this does not serve for managers to do this with the single goal of saving on budget.

That's because, there are those who say that the HR sector is not so relevant and tries to attract the sector's activities to itself. And, as we know, human resources go far beyond organizing payslips and time control.

For this reason, it is essential to have qualified people around who allow the adjustment of this broad and diversified work, focusing on the qualification of its professionals and, also, keeping the bureaucratic processes in order and functional.

So, it's no use putting together a small HR team because it cuts costs in the budget. It is a very well-defined planning, and one that should be considered for add value to the organization.

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