Is it still worth having a car in 2021? Find out what your options are!

Is it still worth having a car in 2021?  Find out what your options are!

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For some years now, the transport apps and urban locomotion, such as Uber, 99 or Cabify, have gained a large space between all layers of our society. Whether because many people saw this alternative work an exit to the increasing unemployment or, simply, for becoming users of that service.

This movement and its immense adhesion deeply impacted the daily lives of the most different people. And, many of them, because they face the difficulties and high price to buy a car, or take a driver's license, started to see mobility applications as a most viable option and an immediate resolution to your problems and difficulties.

For many, the dream of owning a car has become something distant, giving way to other priorities. Even so, despite all these difficulties, the acquisition of the car itself remains the desire of many UK citizens. it's still worth having a car in 2021?

In our article you will have this and other information. Check out:

To learn more about the subject, continue reading the article and find out if it's still worth it finance or buy a car! Enjoy!

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a car

Before buying a car, it is necessary to keep in mind what your user profile is and if, in fact, it is worth having one. In the end, owning a car goes far beyond the initial purchase, going through fees and taxes to be paid on a recurring basis, in addition to insurance, maintenance and parking.

So, is it really advantageous to have a car? See below what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a vehicle and also know what are the most viable options for you in the course of the article!

Large initial investment

One of the main reasons that separate most UK citizens from the dream owning a car is the high price disbursed for its purchase or financing.

So, having a good financial planning style=”font-weight: 400;”> to enter your car or buy view it is the first step towards your investment.

Documentation and license fees

For those who are just starting out and want to have their driver's license, they need to invest an initial amount to be able to drive. However, in spite of putting their money in this service, there is not, at the end of the course, that the user has his guaranteed approval.

Maintenance price

According to information released by Exame Magazine, O annual cost of a car is more than £ 10,000.00, which can reach almost £ 16,000.00 in some capitals, such as Rio de Janeiro. For this reason, having a good financial control it's essential.

High fuels

The rise in fuels began to be felt by the population a few years ago and, unfortunately, shows no sign of a significant decline in the coming months. And, although there are cheaper options among those available, the amount spent monthly needs to be considered with Warning.

Problems with parking

One of the problems in big cities is the lack of safe parking spaces. This, unfortunately, is a dilemma that has its solution in extra expenses with private parking or with the so-called flanelinhas.

This last option, does not always present itself as an advantage, since the cars are on the street, under the supervision of strangers.


Undoubtedly, when the idea of ​​having a car comes to mind, the comfort options that it has appear along with it. In the end, spend 2 or 3 hours on public transport it is not the ideal of locomotion for anyone. In addition, depending on your physical condition, it is worth having a car to help you have a much more comfortable and comfortable life.


Being able to use your own car at any time of the day, without having to wait or wait for the tariff to leave the dynamic it is something that interests most UK citizens. This alternative of convenience is one of the reasons why it is worth having your own car and, there is no doubt about its positive points!

Intense use

For those who need to travel daily and for long periods, as is the case of those who live away from work, for example, having a car is an excellent alternative. After all, being able to spend more time with the family and with much less physical wear along the way, is a great option.

Possibility of a ride

Offer rides to friends from work or college, for example, in exchange for some allowance, an interesting alternative is shown. For that, there are also specific applications for ride, which give more safety and possibilities during commuting.

Profit option

Today, many people use urban locomotion apps as a source of income. However, this can happen as something fixed or underlying other activities. So, in your free time or when you need it, it is possible to have your own car registered and use to offer rides or short trips.

Buying or renting a vehicle? What is the best option?

Alternative transportation services have really changed the concept of driving or owning a car. That's because, many application drivers prefer to rent a car. Therefore, some ask: buy or rent a vehicle? Is having a subscription car worth it?

For those who do not know, the options of subscription car or rent are alternatives increasingly adopted for those who need the car on a daily basis and you have no time to waste with maintenance, documentation or insurance.

Many users point to this as a much cheaper option than those for their own car, since the frequent expenses, for the most part, are not affordable. lessor responsibility.

However, others point out that it is worth having a car, after all, this is a investment in its own good. And, being a good for their own use, the user and owner can use the car for whatever purpose they want and even sell it when they deem it necessary.

Thus, it is necessary to consider what are your conditions and needs in order to invest in what, in fact, will be a good deal for you!

What are the most viable options for urban transport?

Before you know if it is really worth having a car, remember that one of the biggest complaints in large urban centers is the difficulty of getting around due to traffic. Therefore, options such as bike lanes, have implemented and encouraged as a good alternative to remedy this problem.

Although, most UK citizens do not have the possibility to use bike lanes as a means of transport, after all, they live many kilometers away from their places of work and studies, which ends up making the incentive for this initiative totally unfeasible for most people.

Thus, many need to resort to public transport, which, to a large extent, has more disadvantages than advantages for its users. This is because the structure, in addition to being precarious, has a high price and offers a great locomotion time.

However, in a practical way, it is necessary to analyze which is the most advantageous reality in your case. In many cities, fast vehicles, as trains and subways are more viable options, as they offer a shorter journey time, connecting distant regions to each other.

In other cases, transit is not a so serious problem, being a good alternative to choose your own vehicle or transport by application, such as the Uber. In any case, we must look for solutions that offer long-lasting and, in fact, viable options to decide if it is worth having a car.

Is it still worth having a car in 2021?

With the drop in Selic rate in 2021, the dream of having a car became something much more alive in the UK residents's mind. This is because, the basic interest rate is largely responsible for all interest adopted by financial institutions.

To understand more about the Selic Rate and how it directly influences your purchasing power, check out the article we prepared: What is the Selic rate? Everything you need to know<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Therefore, currently, buy a car or a property, for example, are more viable options than a few years ago. The Selic Rate, in the first months of 2021, is 2%, a very good number for those who want to acquire a new investment.

However, a car has recurring expenses with revisions, fuels, tires, taxes and possible fines. This, in the long run, has very high numbers, which, for some people, means that it is not always worth having a car.

Thus, before making your purchase, it is important to do some math in order to understand what will be the expenses with the car and what will be spent on other means of payment. conventional or alternative transport currently.

We hope our tips help you to consider which option is best for you and your pocket! And, so that more people have access to this information, do not hesitate to share this content on your social networks<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>!



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