Is the CV still useful?

« Le CV ne permet pas de juger des personnalités, mais des parcours »

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After asking ourselves about the usefulness of the cover letter, let's get to the CV! Critics of the curriculum vitae accuse it of being the source of discrimination targeting the candidate (on name, sex or place of residence), or of being able to skew the point of view of recruiters by mentioning certain courses or centers of ‘interest.

It is in particular to avoid these pitfalls that some companies have chosen to do without a CV. McDonald's or Ikea, for example, have made them optional.

On the side of the fast-food giant, it is estimated that “ the CV does not tell much about the know-how or the know-how of the candidate “. Especially since, among the 500,000 applications received each year, “young people with little or no qualifications” represent the majority of the files submitted, indicates Yannick Augrandenis, McDonald's communications advisor.

Instead of the CV, these multinationals are betting everything on the evaluation of “soft skills”, that is to say knowing how to be in a company, through video games or simulations.

Benoît Serre, vice-president of the National Association of Human Resources Directors (ANDRH), understands the interest of these multinationals in not betting everything on the past experiences of their candidates: “ The interest of knowing the background of a candidate remains relative when the position requires above all soft skills “.

But then how to explain the still widespread use of the CV? ” The CV does not make it possible to judge personalities, but career paths », nuance Mr. Serre. ” Many candidates remain proud of their career “.

And according to Adrien Bignon, recruitment consultant, this “professional business card” remains irreplaceable for highlighting a diploma or professional experience.

– ‘Marketing' argument –

The CV always works very well when looking for a candidate with very specific experience or technical skills. », assures Mr. Bignon. This is less the case in companies like McDonald's, where new recruits are trained internally.

For the recruitment consultant, proclaiming the end of the curriculum vitae is above all a “marketing” argument to attract candidates in sectors facing a shortage of arms, rather than a desire to change recruitment biases.

Between a company that recruits on CV and the one opposite that offers to do without it, the choice is quickly made “For the candidate, he points out. This is particularly true in the case of McDonald's, which has chosen to stand out in the fast-food niche by offering a questionnaire and video games based on cognitive science, instead of the classic CV and cover letter duo. .

But according to Mr. Bignon, for positions where the recruiter needs to know the background and skills of the candidate, presenting a CV in A4 format retains the advantage of being less restrictive to prepare than its alternatives, such as the video CV. or recruitment by simulation.

The more the recruiter will be demanding in his recruitment methods with the candidate, the more the candidate will be disappointed if he does not get the job, because he will have invested more “, points out Mr. Bignon.

Especially since alternative recruitment methods do not eliminate any risk of casting error, notes Benoît Serre, also HRD at L'Oréal. For him, the CV is not an outdated tool, but remains only one asset among others in the recruitment phase. Because basically, it only delays the moment when a manager comes face to face with a candidate “.

The CV is not intended to be the alpha and omega in recruitment, what matters above all is the interview and the human dimension that comes out, he says.


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