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Employee of a temporary employment agency

The interim CDI was officially born on March 6, 2014, with a first year devoted to the implementation and a second which marks a rise in power, remarks Thierry Vaudelin, director of training and temporary careers at Manpower: he first had to put in place the tools for the proper functioning of the system in terms of payroll, management, monitoring… In 2015, however, the development was spectacular with 1,300 signatures of temporary CDI contracts with us. “Among the competing firms, Randstad is at 1,200 signatures and Adecco at” almost 2,000 with an objective of increasing to more than 8,000 in the years to come “, announces Martin Vitkine, director of the interim CDI within the group. He presents the device: ” The employment contract is bipartite, between an employee who engages with an interim agency and the latter who undertakes to give him missions with companies with which it collaborates. “Clearly, with a temporary CDI, you become an employee of a temporary work company. “It is comparable to the contract which binds an employee to an IT services company”, observes Sébastien Buffet, press officer of the Randstad group.
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A reassuring status

Who is this contract specifically for? “It is best suited to temporary workers who have a series of assignments and who wish to gain peace of mind”, answers Martin Vitkine, who notes at Adecco that “75% of the signatories of a temporary CDI are men, with an average age of 35 years. 85% of them are former temporary workers. “”Figures similar to those of Manpower, where Thierry Vaudelin specifies that” it is globally the typical population of temporary employment agencies, in a little older. “”This older age would not be a coincidence according to Sébastien Buffet from Randstad:” Who says temporary CDI says CDI, with the advantages that this offers in terms of guarantees for banks, much more inclined to offer advantageous loans to their clients with this type of contract than by being a simple temporary worker. “”What to offer better prospects in terms of real estate project or the purchase of a vehicle for example.
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One permanent contract, three qualifications

The temporary CDI has this other feature of committing its signatory to at least three trades or qualifications. For example: order picker, material handler and food worker. “For the agency, this is a way of maximizing its possibilities of offering it missions to follow. The holder of an interim CDI can therefore work for a time on a qualification for one company and then on another with the next employer ”, illustrates Martin Vitkine. Knowing that in period of intermission, the person has a minimum monthly guarantee of remuneration (GMMR) fixed at the equivalent of the minimum wage. And these professions, what are they? “All the temporary jobs,” assures Thierry Vaudelin, knowing that in addition this contract offers the signatory the possibility of obtaining funding for training to work in other qualifications and increase skills. Still, according to Manpower's surveys, temporary CDIs are mostly intended for low or unskilled trades in the industry such as material handlers and workers (48% of total temporary CDIs), against 26% for skilled trades ( maintenance agent type), 13% of construction trades (worker, craftsman, etc.) and the remaining 13% for tertiary, service and IT engineering trades mainly.

Mandatory missions … under conditions

Like any CDI, the temporary CDI is signed after a recruitment process during which the candidate (who has applied or who has been offered this opportunity by a temporary agency employing him regularly for missions) must go through a phase of interviews to assess their motivation and tests to assess their skills at work. “Then he is a permanent employee like all the others, with rights and duties », Notes Sébastien Buffet. Among the rights, there is in particular the five weeks of paid annual leave. Among the duties, that of accepting any mission falling within the scope of his qualifications, being in a form of on-call during intermissions to be operational in a few hours. “When signing the contract, everything is defined at the level of the maximum geographical radius to be respected so as not to send him too far on a mission, to know whether or not he accepts night hours or even weekend work”, concludes Thierry Vaudelin from Manpower.

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