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Defining which competencies are desirable in an employee is not a simple task.

In addition to all the technical requirements, behavioral competencies must also be listed for the composition of the requirements. There is a common phrase in the Human Resources market that says: hired by the technician, turned off by the behavioral. Although it is cliché, it is the reality. Sometimes the technical characteristics are impressive, such as a trajectory with consistent knowledge, renowned certifications or even the mastery of several languages, but even so, if the professional presents inappropriate behavior, it will be difficult to stay in the company.

The issue is that there is not always clarity about what are the essential or necessary behaviors for the occupation of certain positions. The analysis of the necessary profile goes far beyond just listing the behaviors that we would like the professional to present, such as being proactive, innovative or communicative. It is important to understand the whole context such as who the peers will be, what their team is like and what the profiles of the professionals are, in addition to the management profile and the company's culture.

This is where the work of HR Consulting comes in, supporting the company in identifying behaviors and issues that transcend technical requirements, including breaking paradigms or standards that can interfere with the process of hiring a new professional. It is common, when the professional who held the position presented a good performance, that professionals with similar styles are sought. Or restrict aspects such as going through a company, for example, for not having had a good experience with a professional. Another point is to look for characteristics that are antagonistic, such as a professional who is very agile, but performs with the highest quality, who is communicative and interacts with people, but who is also able to concentrate for hours to carry out an activity. . It is important to have concrete evidence of which attitudes were positive or negative, so that the selection process can be effective. Our role as a consultant is to support the client in this deconstruction and in the design of a complementary profile. In addition, methods and tools are used to increase the efficiency of hiring, identifying the professional's style of work and how they apply their skills on a daily basis. Without this critical eye, the possibilities that the cliché mentioned at the beginning of the article will come true, increase a lot.

Adriane Lourenço is an Executive Search consultant at HR Consultant UK with experience in executive career transition processes in Middle and Top Management.


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