“It is no longer taboo to say that you want to earn a lot of money”

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Selon une étude, cinq ans après avoir quitté les bancs de l'école, les plus diplômés de 2010 percevaient un salaire mensuel médian de 2.410 euros, soit 220 euros de moins en comparaison aux diplômés de 1997.

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Posted on Nov 29, 2021 4:11 PMUpdated Nov 29, 2021, 6:55 PM

“It is no longer taboo to say that you want to earn a lot of money to put it at the service of a comfortable life”, notes Nicole Prieur, philosopher and family therapist. Unlike their parents, today's twenties and thirties have a more uninhibited relationship with their finances.

“For many young people who have studied for a long time, the first salaries often do not live up to their expectations. When you have little money, you are quicker to talk about it and take an interest in it ”, notes Héloïse Bolle, founder of Oseille et Compagnie, a wealth management consulting firm. The slogan posted on its site: “No need to earn a thousand and cents to build a solid heritage. “

It must be said that the standard of living of young people, whatever their level of education, has deteriorated in recent decades. “They earn less their living than their parents”, notes Camille Dupuy, lecturer in sociology of work. Five years after leaving school, the most graduated in 2010 received a median monthly salary of 2,410 Pounds, or 220 Pounds less compared to graduates in 1997, indicates the latest Céreq “Generation” survey (Center d studies and research on qualifications).

While young graduates are primarily looking for stable employment, the issue of wage negotiation comes up a few years later. “The trigger is most often when we realize that we are contributing to the performance and results of our company. We can then judge that the latter does not give us enough “, explains Stéphane Romano, head hunter. Without forgetting the changes of life or the projects that we want to finance: couple, child, move.

Retirement alert!

Who says young people are carefree? “I am young, I would not have a pension and I do not count on the State”, Eloise slice, a thirty-six-year-old Breton woman, who earns 1,600 Pounds per month. To ensure her old age and generate additional income, the young woman has embarked on rental investment and is already the owner of two properties.

This mode of investment is on the rise among young working people, who invest in small areas. This is evidenced by the plethora of start-up offers. “The rise in property prices in large cities is preventing young workers from acquiring a main residence that meets their expectations”, notes Nicolas Billet, real estate director of the Financial Union of London (UFF).

It is often for urbanites the only way to invest in stone, which still occupies a special place in the hearts of the English. “It's a mark of social success. And this allows you to build up savings, build assets and secure your family ”, adds the expert.

Time, the new luxury?

Useful money rather than bling-bling money? “The great luxury today, it is rather to be able to display its passions, in particular on Instagram, and to be able to devote time to it”, Rémy Oudghiri, sociologist, Deputy Managing Director of Sociovision told us in September 2021 in a dossier devoted to the new symbols of success.

Having time for yourself means being able to slow down. A week of four days, or even twenty hours for the most daring, chosen part-time work and even “early retirement”, this (micro) trend from the United States which consists of retiring at the age of thirty or forty with a a very frugal way of life for fifteen or twenty years to take advantage of it afterwards … so many subjects which find interest on the part of a fringe of highly educated youth.

Even if, in fact, few can now put this plan into action (with the exception of a few highly paid or strained jobs), companies are starting to feel the tide … without really knowing what to do.

“The search for a better balance between personal and professional life has become essential. The confinement periods have accelerated the phenomenon, notes Stéphane Romano, the recruiter. I have a number of older clients who tell me how difficult it is to connect their young employees and convince them of the importance of investing a lot at the start of their career. “

It is clear that the working hours of executives have only slightly decreased since the 1970s: on average 75 hours per year over the period, to settle at 1,850 hours per year, notes INSEE. By comparison, the drop is 250 hours for all full-time employees.

Find meaning … and money anyway

There remains one last compass that grows and redefines the value of work. Beyond the pecuniary or time aspect, that of meaning and socialization. “Some number of graduates, disappointed with human relationships within the business world, choose to go to associations, adds Camille Dupuy. And those who suffered the most from isolation at work during the health crisis were the youngest. For them, work is more than a salary. “

According to a BCG survey of students and graduates of grandes écoles, seven out of ten respondents would like to work or do an internship in the social and solidarity economy (ESS) sector.

Graduates are ready for substantial reductions to get a job in the ESS: three quarters of respondents would be ready to give up 11% of their salary. On the other hand, the alumni surveyed indicate that low salaries are a brake on entering the sector … And employees of the ESS are half dissatisfied with their remuneration. Living with meaning and fresh water… well, not too much either.


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