IT knowledge, what should management boards invest in?

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in welke it kennis investeren

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From the benchmark survey “Competing on IT Knowledge”, 75% of the respondents agree with the statement that more or better IT Knowledge would make their organization more successful. But what is better IT knowledge and if you are going to invest where do you put your money?

The IT knowledge to be developed will in any case have to contribute to the business objectives in order to continue to grow and to maintain a continuous lead.

The importance of IT knowledge

The importance is great! Because most respondents indicate that if they do not invest in IT knowledge, there will be no future for their company in three years' time.

A fairly confronting outcome, but it is clear that IT knowledge development is a crucial organizational goal that should be on the agenda of management boards.

Fortunately, it usually is, but there will undoubtedly be a lot of discussion with HR and IT management about where the training budget should be spent.

Which IT knowledge brings you success?

The same survey indicates that 53% of companies do not know exactly which IT knowledge still needs to be developed. Not surprising, because it will be a huge challenge for many companies to determine where they will be in two or three years.

Technological developments are accelerating exponentially and existing business models suddenly appear to be overtaken by disruptive players with competing business models.

There are plenty of companies that often existed as an established order for a long time, but suddenly disappeared. New players came up with innovative business models and appeared to be able to organize and manage their processes better, cheaper and more efficiently.

In many cases, IT will have made a significant contribution to this. Just think about what is happening in the field of online, as a result of which travel agencies or retail chains have disappeared from the street scene.

IT, you need to know what it is

Perhaps the most important conclusion is that executives need to know more than ever what impact technology can have on the success of the organization. If management does not understand what IT is, important opportunities will be missed.

For example, do they know what opportunities there are for the company in the field of artificial intelligence? Is it clear how, for example, knowledge transfer or technical insight can be improved by means of virtual reality? Is enough known about it machine learning, because if data from the past can be interpreted more quickly, much better decisions can be made in the boardroom.

As far as we are concerned, better IT knowledge is no longer just about technology, processes and providing the right infrastructure. It is mainly about knowing what is possible, thinking ahead and being able to constantly anticipate changes.

Want to know at least what is possible with current technology?

We have the ambition to continuously keep up with the reality of the day. Maintaining a lead together with customers by closely following developments and investigating where new opportunities lie in a changed IT landscape. Curious about our offer or our services? Then contact us.


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