It ‘s not just PowerPoint for successful business presentations

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In-house meeting or demonstration in front of clients, PowerPoint is not the only tool that can help you design your professional presentations. Prezi, Bunkr, Emaze,… many other dynamic and innovative supports will allow you to stand out. HR Consultant UK makes you discover them.

Prezi: the alternative that is gaining ground

With Prezi, the concept is simple: you tell a story to your audience. For Cédric Fiederer, Consulting and Service Manager at the One to Team software publisher: “No more repetitive slides that follow one another. This medium forces you to establish a logical path by relying on a series of animations that make your presentation dynamic. »Zoom in, turn, zoom out … Faced with the more frozen world of PowerPoint, Prezi offers a multitude of possibilities. “It’s a tool that allows us to be more creative since we are almost in a 3D universe,” notes Thibaud Michel, co-founder of the Twinin communication agency. Another advantage, according to him: “If you send your PowerPoint presentation upstream to the client, they have plenty of time to watch it. With Prezi, he will have to wait for you to understand the meaning. However, when presenting a strategy or a visual creation, knowing how to maintain attention is essential. ”

“The primary objective of a presentation is to tell a story, to convey a message. It is therefore imperative to structure the content before launching headlong into the tool.”

Bunkr and the use of web content

Use the URL address of a photo to use it as a background image, embed a Tweet, a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn publication, place a YouTube or Vimeo video … The Bunkr web platform is based on HTML5 technology and allows easily integrate content from the web. Gayané Adourian, founder of the digital reporting agency Ondine, testifies: “With Bunkr, I can easily navigate between my different presentations and online tools. So I can have access to it wherever I am and add other elements to it at any time. The main goal of Bunkr is to focus on the content without giving you a plethora of options.


Do you want to make presentations that thrill? 3D scenes or more classic slides, Emaze is made for you. Among the next generation of online presentations, Emaze has the advantage of offering several templates or ready-made models that get you up and running quickly. Also in Cloud mode, the tool has an automated translation module to create presentations in other languages.

Slide to navigate vertically and horizontally

Another online application, Slide is based on the same model as Bunkr, with one difference: “it is possible to navigate vertically and horizontally in the presentation,” explains Gayané Adourian. If you have for example three different themes each having sub-themes, you can scroll to access them easily. I use it for example during the organization of events to explain the management of the project on the three phases which are before, during and after. ”

3 tips for successful presentation support

  • The primary objective of a presentation is to tell a story, to convey a message. It is therefore imperative to structure the content before launching headlong into the tool.
  • The presentation medium is nothing other than an accessory that will serve to support your words. Ban long texts and work on keywords as much as possible.
  • Make a clear visual structure, using images or videos as much as possible. This will make it easier to understand and remember.


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