Job interview: the most frequently asked questions

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Table of Contents

Tell me about yourself

A great classic in job interviews that can easily destabilize more than one candidate for a job. Rather than breaking down and mumbling a few inaudible words, just be prepared to answer these kinds of questions so you don’t lose your temper. Even if it may seem personal, this question is absolutely not an opportunity to dwell on your love affairs or your taste for shopping. Target your career path and highlight your skills.

What are your strengths / weaknesses? Your qualities / faults?

This is one of the questions most feared by candidates during a job interview. As with all interactions during an interview, you just need to prepare for it. Some people will advise you to only name faulty traits of your personality which, in the world of work, actually appear as qualities: too ambitious or too perfectionist are recurring examples. But they end up boring recruiters. The most important thing is to justify your choices and to target qualities and faults that have a real impact on your professional life.

Why apply for this position?

Obviously, such a question does not expect an answer as straightforward as “the salary”: in this case, you are pretty sure that a recruiter will not follow up. Even if the salary is one of the main motivations for applying, it is not insightful to target your interview on this point. Share your projects, what inspires you this position, the possibilities it offers you, your interest in the company, and do not hesitate to highlight what you have learned about the company, its customers or its sectors of activity.

Why should we hire you?

Trap question if there is one, this question does not suffer from any pirouette: do not hesitate to be honest and to put yourself on an equal footing with your recruiter. Make him understand that you need him as much as he needs you. It is thus a constructive relationship of exchange that is naturally put in place between you, a mutual trust that it is essential to exploit in order to highlight the absolute necessity of your hiring.

Do you have any questions ?

To close the job interview, the recruiter may ask you this last question which tends to make candidates uncomfortable. And yet, rather than babbling and ending the interview quickly, it is better to take advantage of this open door to promote your interest in the company: the most important customers, the projects you inspires you in society or the work environment and your expectations in this area. It is thanks to this last question that the recruiter will become aware of your implication for your (possible) future position, so do not neglect it.



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