Job search: the essential sites

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Posted on August 20, 2015 at 2:35 PMUpdated Sep 30, 2015, 10:13 AM

To begin with, flee all paying sites because the English law of January 18, 2005 (on social cohesion) imposes free advertisements. It is important to find those who offer constantly updated offers, but also other services such as a CV database or sending proposals by e-mail.

Generalist sites

These are of course the best known and those with the largest number of job offers. You can search by profession, sector, region, remuneration through institutional sites such as Apec and Pôle Emploi (which you can use without being registered as a job seeker) and other essentials such as monster, cadremploi , directemploi or jobintree. These platforms list thousands or even tens of thousands of offers. These sites are called Job boards, sites dedicated to job search. They should not be confused with aggregators – another type of generalist sites. The latter are rather search engines which bring together several sites. This is the case for 123emploi, Jobijoba, Keljob or Optioncarrière.

Specialized sites

Another category of websites dedicated to job search, those dedicated to a particular sector: agriculture (Agrojob, Vitijob), public sector (Emploicollectivités), BTP (Job-BTP), hotel and catering (Hotelrecrut, Jobresto), IT and multimedia (Recruteo), etc … If you are looking for a job in a specific geographic area, you can also opt for a regional site. The reference tool: Regionsjobs. This model is developing with sites like 31000emploi if you live (or are looking for) in the Toulouse region for example. If you dream of expatriating, for international jobs, go to Jobtrotter or Emploi-expat. Some sites also specialize in student employment or young graduates such as Letudiant, Cap Campus, StudyramaEmploi or JobTeaser.

Professional social networks

Many companies post job ads on professional social networks such as Viadeo and Linkedln. Do not hesitate to register and create a profile to build a network, receive announcements, but also be active and determined. The right opportunity can be found there. Another network can also be useful for young graduates: Wizbii, which is reserved for those under thirty. However, this is not to neglect traditional social networks, Facebook in mind: many groups devoted to job search by sector or by region have been created in recent years.

Job search apps

You can also search for job offers from your smartphone. The vast majority of the sites already mentioned offer versions compatible with all screens. That said, applications dedicated to job search are developing in parallel: Kudoz, Keljob, Indeed, Monmanpower (for the interim) allow you to carry out your search or submit a spontaneous application. Most apps: a posted ad that meets your search criteria is immediately notified to you. At a time when everything is going very quickly, this reactivity is very appreciable!



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