Job vacancies: how to carry out efficient selection processes in 2021?

Job vacancies: how to carry out efficient selection processes in 2021?

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Covid-19 impacted the world in general in 2021. Companies needed to reinvent themselves, in a completely digital universe, to keep their doors open and many processes were modified, such as job vacancies and recruitment.

But that this “mandatory” change of routine occurred last year, due to the pandemic, should also impact the year 2021. After all, many cities still experience quarantine and organizations need to adapt with strategies that meet the new demands.

According to a Linkedin search, in the scope of recruitment and selection, more than 81% of recruiters believe that virtual recruitment will continue even after the pandemwas going. This is reflected in the cost and time savings in the selection process.

But how is it possible to adapt to this new reality without losing quality in recruitment? In this article we will talk about:

  • How to organize to carry out hiring in the pandemic ?;
  • What are the main strategies that companies have adopted ?;
  • What is the best interview format in the pandemic ?;
  • How to take advantage of diversity in hiring?

Do you want to start 2021 on the right foot and put your company within the main strategies and trends of job vacancy and recruitment for this new year? Just move on in this article and check out our tips.

How to organize to contract in the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, it was common for many companies to post their job openings online, on recruitment sites and social media.

However, with the pandemic this path went further, because, more than the job vacancy announcements, the recruitment itself became almost 100% virtual.

Linkedin data showed that 70% of recruiters already point to virtual recruitment as a new standard in the market. Video interviews and remote assessments have become a trend within HRs.

However, it is a great challenge to be ready for this new reality. More and more companies need to plan for this completely virtual environment.

Refining processes and systems so that recruitment can be effective. This means that it is essential to opt for smart recruitment.

Betting on artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize selections, using networks to advertise job vacancies, investing in ads and segmenting job vacancies by keywords, location, job description, etc.

What are the main strategies that companies have adopted?

In order not to be left behind in this new routine of job vacancies and recruitment, companies need to adopt new strategies. Since to hire the best talents you will need to be connected to the virtual world.

To help you in this challenge, we have selected below the main strategies for the disclosure of job vacancies and recruitment for 2021, considering the pandemic and economic scenario that we live in. Check out!

Opt for remote interviews

40%, that was the increase in the number of online interviews during the pandemic, according to a research of a technology starturp specialized in the HR area, Revelo.

According to Weseek, 48% of companies that have adopted this interview model admit that they will keep it at the end of the pandemic.

This means that the remote interview is one of the main strategies to avoid displacement and agglomeration in the company itself.

Choose, post-disclosure of job vacancies and selection of candidates, to use remote platforms such as Zoom, Skype and even WhatsApp itself to contact the candidates.

Value the candidate's experience

Much is said that experience is what governs everything else. It is like that old saying that “the first impression is what remains”.

In this sense, valuing the path that candidates will take until hiring can make all the difference in attracting talent during the pandemic. This means that the hiring path needs to be good and effective, even if the distance is due to the pandemic.

This path includes constant feedback to the candidates, good navigation experience for sending the resume and organization in the interview scheduling processes.

After all, about 62% of candidates who had a good experience in a selection process say that even if they failed, they would apply for a job in the future again, showed a survey by HR Thinking.

Therefore, do not put this strategy aside, value the experience of the candidates, keep your website up to date and advertise vacancies on specialized sites such as Catho and Vacancies. Facilitating the lives of candidates is the first step to hiring in an assertive manner.

Bet on Artificial Intelligence

With the pandemic, technology became even more dominant in the routine of companies. Speaking of recruitment, for example, artificial intelligence has more than ever changed from an optional strategy to an extreme one.

We already talked about the impacts of AI on the job market in another article, check out clicking here. If with the distance the famous eye in the eye needs to be avoided, with technology the boundaries have been broken.

Today, in just a few clicks, a company can contact and even hire a professional to work at a distance, be it from another city, state or country.

And much more than, companies are able to optimize the selection process, from the disclosure of job vacancies to the candidate's own choice. With AI, several recruitment platforms contribute to the selection to focus on the “ideal” candidate.

In this, the company is able to simplify the selection process. Since, it will delimit personal and professional characteristics to find the perfect professional. From there the system does its job and selects the best options, making an automatic sorting.

Amid the pandemic, further investing in this automated process can help you select the best candidates, decreasing the time and even the expense with selection processes.

Because, through technology, it is possible to reduce costs with the storage of resumes, since everything will be in the cloud or on the selection platforms, and also with the process itself, enabling remote interviews, as we mentioned earlier.

Invest in mobile first

The selection processes and the disclosure of job vacancies have become, 100% of the time of the pandemic, 100% digital. Be it in sending a resume, choosing, interviewing and everything.

Certainly many of the candidates accessed job vacancies by cell phone, but was the experience of many of them good with your website?

At the moment, you can't give up a responsive website, which has an adaptable desktop layout for mobile devices. Given that, in Brazil, there are more than 400 million active and in use devices, it revealed the 31st FGVcia Annual Survey.

Knowing this use in real time of this equipment, then, is one of the essential strategies for those who want to be efficient in recruitment and selection in 2021, still in the midst of the pandemic.

This is because if your site is not optimized in this sense, you will certainly lose potential talents due to the poor navigation and visibility of job vacancy ads.

Adapt to the new reality, invest in technology and bet on this new universe so you can face your competitors in the attraction of new talents style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Evaluate the market and know the profile of your candidates

What does a potential candidate want most from a company today? If you have the answer to that question at the tip of your tongue, you are halfway there to implement an effective strategy for publicizing job vacancies and hiring in the pandemic.

A study of the Global Talent Trends 2018 mentioned three items as the main ones for a professional to be interested in a job vacancy, they are: flexibility at work, company concern for health and well-being and offering meaningful work.

This last item, meaningful work, means that the employee wants to do something that helps him to grow professionally. Not only that, he wants to identify with the company's values ​​and culture.

Therefore, a good strategy is to evaluate what your competitors have been offering to candidates in the pandemic and the profile of the professionals you are looking for. Is it a health plan, flexible hours, home office, profit sharing?

Being assertive in publicizing job vacancies and offering attractive items, especially in this pandemic moment, can make all the difference when it comes to attracting talent to the organization.

What is the best interview format in the pandemic?

The video interview was undoubtedly a success throughout the pandemic and has been one of the main formats for those who carried out selection processes in 2021. One site search Jobs revealed that video interview usage grew by an incredible 2149%.

This data was enhanced by the need to adopt new strategies in the face of social isolation due to Covid-19. The video itself broke barriers of distance and allowed greater accessibility for candidates from different locations.

Not to mention that this automation generated savings with selective processes and allowed companies to avoid bureaucratic and mechanical processes as they normally did.

Therefore, the main format of interview to stand out during the pandemic are remote interviews or video interviews, which use digital platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype.

However, there are other means that have become common, such as more reserved meetings, away from the company, in restaurants or cafeterias.

We can also highlight the selection processes that opt ​​for tests of skills or gamification, where candidates are faced with challenges that simulate the day-to-day work and that help the recruiter in the evaluation of the professional.

We cannot forget the telephone interviews, which were used a lot with social distance. Online group dynamics can also be an alternative.

Thus, we can highlight then as the main interview formats of the pandemic:

  • remote interview;
  • interview in a restaurant or cafeteria;
  • telephone interview;
  • online group dynamics;
  • gamification and skill tests.

How to take advantage of diversity in hiring?

Diversity has an extremely positive impact on companies.

This is what points to a McKinsey & Company research, which showed that the chances of a high income grow 35% in sectors with racial and ethnic diversity and 15% in areas with gender diversity.

That is, regardless of the moment, whether with a pandemic or not, betting on inclusion and diversity in the disclosure of job vacancies and hiring can make all the difference in the good image of the company vis-à-vis clients and candidates itself.

Not to mention, that as we saw above, it is indeed proven that there is an evolution in productivity and consequently in the results in companies that have a workforce in which there is diversity.

2021: the year of technology in selection processes

The year 2021 comes not only with the hope that the vaccine against Covid-19 will reach the entire population, but it is a period in which companies must establish an effective partnership with technology once and for all.

As we have seen throughout this article, a new virtual reality was installed in 2021 in companies, which needed to adapt in their routines, such as in the disclosure of job vacancies and in the selective process as a whole.

The mandatory distance forced a 100% digital environment, but no less effective for those who embraced it with a glimpse of the future. Considering the current economic and pandemic scenario, companies only have to apply strategies so that they are not left behind in the market.

Meeting new hiring demands, placing the digital world as a priority, is no longer an option, but a necessity.

It is difficult for many organizations to get through the immune pandemic, however, it is possible to face it head on and remain standing even in the midst of difficulties. Adopting strategies that contribute so that the processes that maintain the company are not left out, such as those of job vacancies and selection.

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