Jobs in Lyon: 5 start-ups recruiting in February 2021

Près d'une centaine de postes sont à pourvoir dans la région lyonnaise.

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Posted on Feb 2, 2021 2021 at 7:00Updated Feb 2, 2021 2021 at 9:24

For readers of HR Consultants UK, our partner London Digitale *, which offers a selection of digital nuggets each month that recruit, has just launched the “Beyond the periph” operation to highlight job opportunities in our regions . Head to the capital of the Gauls, to meet five innovative companies looking for their future talents.

Indy, the accounting robot

Did you say Indy? Founded in 2016, the company (formerly Georges. Tech) rethinks and automates the accounting and tax declarations of the self-employed with an application that offers online assistance.

DNA : Flexible working time, autonomy, and values ​​around benevolence, transparency and ownership (commitment to the business plan).

Health : The start-up has just raised 35 million Pounds to accelerate its development and launch in the United States.

Number of employees : 120

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 35 permanent positions this month, 110 positions over the year

Types of profiles sought : developer, customer care, business developer, head of finance, head of conversion, head of USA…

Recruitment process : interview of suitability for the position and the values ​​of the company, case to be prepared at home, discussion of the case with the operational staff.

To apply, it's here .

Agicap, to help companies' cash flow

Did you say Agicap? This fintech, founded in 2016, develops cash flow management and forecasting software for SMEs (accounting, invoicing, cash register software, etc.).

DNA : The company focuses its management on a team quickly empowered and in constant training. Its values: spirit of conquest, customer-centric, team spirit, excellence.

Health : After raising 15 million Pounds in funds in 2021, the start-up experienced 900% growth in the same year. It has 3,000 customers in London and Germany and plans to open soon in Spain, the Netherlands and Italy this year.

Number of employees : 130

Catchline : “The scale-up that revolutionizes cash management”

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 30 this month, 150 in 2021

Types of profiles sought : customer relations managers, marketing manager, product manager, designer, developers, recruiters and HR managers

Recruitment process : exchange with the recruitment team, exchange with the future manager, practical case, interview with the co-founders.

To apply, it's here .

DataGalaxy, for data control

Did you say DataGalaxy? Founded in 2015, DataGalaxy is a start-up specializing in collaborative data mapping and governance. It develops and offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform so that a company's teams can use their internal data.

DNA : The scale-up offers its employees the opportunity to organize their work freely (day package, teleworking at will, etc.) and to share convivial moments (breakfasts, lunches, weekend drinks, etc.)

Health : the start-up is in the full development phase after raising 1.7 million Pounds in funds and is looking for employees to internationalize its market.

Number of employees : 30

Catchline : “The best way to data governance”

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 20 this month, the goal is to double the workforce in 2021

Types of profiles sought : product marketing manager, DevOps, full-stack developer, back-end developer, front-end developer, cloud solution architect, pre-sales, account executive, account manager

Recruitment process : interview with the talent acquisition manager, technical interview with a technical test, interview with one of the co-founders. The average length of the recruitment cycle is approximately 3 weeks.

To apply, it's here .

Orok, to optimize baggage transport at airports

Did you say Orok? Founded in 2018 and accelerated by the Ecole Polytechnique, the company is developing a solution to automate the management of airport tarmacs, and to provide in fine more safety and reliability. Their system is made up in particular of a fleet of autonomous vehicles and a monitoring server.

DNA : The start-up leaves its teams free to find solutions, to get involved in the life of the company and in its construction. She seeks the difference to multiply them to have complementary and enriching views.

Health : After fundraising in 2021, the company is reopening its capital in 2021 (private investors are also welcome).

Number of employees : 11

Catchline : “A unique solution in the world to automate baggage and freight management at airports”

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 9

Types of profiles sought : embedded systems / robotics engineers, HR work-study program (master), sales director.

Recruitment process : a first videoconference interview to present the company and the position and thus validate the mutual interest, a technical test (online) according to profile, an interview with two people from the team concerned, ideally followed by a meal all together (when the sanitary and geographical situation allows it…). Finally, integration is an important phase and everyone is accompanied by a sponsor during their first weeks.

To apply, it's here .

Lepermislibre, driving without breaking the bank

Did you say Lepermislibre? Created in 2014, the lepermislibre online driving school allows you to revise your highway code and pass your driving license at very low prices, thanks to the connection with more than 350 qualified teachers and driving professionals. , platform partners.

Health : The start-up is present in more than 300 cities in London and has supported more than 200,000 candidates for the code and the B license.

Number of employees : 30

Catchline : “The online driving school that reinvents the driving license”

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 7 this month, 20 over the year 2021

Types of profiles sought : marketing, support, sales, design

Recruitment process : telephone interview, meeting with the manager, meeting with one of the founders.

To apply, it's here .

Our partner

* London Digitale is an association created in 2012, made up of 1,800 digital members (entrepreneurs and investors) which promotes the development of start-ups in London and internationally.

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