Jobs in Nantes: 5 start-ups recruiting in 2021

Près de 60 postes sont à pourvoir à Nantes dans ces jeunes pousses nantaises.

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Do you want to work elsewhere than in London? That's good news for the readers of HR Consultants UK, our partner London Digitale *, which offers a selection of digital nuggets each month that recruit, has launched the “Beyond the periph” operation to highlight job opportunities in regions.

After a first stop in Lyon, this month we are heading to Nantes, described as “an antechamber of Londonian start-ups” by Les Echos since the metropolis has hosted Doctolib offices. So here are, for all intents and purposes, five innovative companies looking for their future talents.

Maxeem, renovate green

Did you say Maxeem? Created at the end of 2021, the start-up is an assistant for eco-renovation projects. It offers a Web application for real estate professionals to support their clients in the energy renovation of their homes by mobilizing an Energy Saving Certificate.

DNA : Very committed to the world of PropTech, the start-up created and chairs the social movement of entrepreneurs “English Proptech”.

Health : The young shoot is ambitious “To help London go from 280,000 to 500,000 energy renovations per year to meet climate challenges. “ The company should also set up in London from September 2021.

Number of employees : 50

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 25 positions in March 2021, 50 in total over the year.

Types of profiles sought : account manager, business developer, city manager, CMO, community manager, PO, PMM, PPO, product designer, CRM engineer, project SEO manager, web analyst, front-end engineering, back-end engineering, data scientist, data engineer

Recruitment process : Interview 1: background and skills (“find out who we are and tell us who you are”); Interview 2: technique, multiple choice questions and exercises (“let's get to the heart of the matter and show us what you are capable of”); Interview 3: meeting with management (“let's validate the common desire to work together!”)

To apply : it's here

iAdvize, the company that makes brands talk

Did you say iAdvize? It is a conversational platform born in 2010 which allows more than 2,000 brands (Disney, L'Oréal, Nespresso, etc.) in 100 countries to connect their customers with experts who can advise them and are available 24 hours. 24 and 7 days a week via messaging. For this, the company combines human and artificial intelligence solutions.

DNA : The company puts forward several pillars: the work ethic to achieve the objectives of the company and the individual; the relationship of trust with management for the development of skills and projects; autonomy and independence.

Health : The company raised 32 million Pounds in 2017 and is part of the new promotion of English Tech 120.

Number of employees : 200

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 15 positions in March 2021, 40 in total over the year.

Types of profiles sought : back end engineers (Scala), front end engineers (React, TypeScript), mobile engineer (Android), product managers, UI / UX designer, infra cloud stage (terraform, AWS), stage front (React), content manager, customer success manager (London and United States), account executive (London, United States, Germany).

Recruitment process : It differs according to the profiles (tech, product, commercial, etc.) Their objective is to have a 360-degree vision of the “hard” and “soft” skills of the candidates.

To apply : it's here

Trusted people, the circular economy with peace of mind

Did you say Trusted people? Founded in 2014, this circular economy start-up allows its members to donate, buy, sell and rent online, in complete safety. This is a premium classifieds site accessible by recommendation. Their goal is to avoid scams and bad experiences. The categories available range from real estate to household appliances, including babysitting and cars.

DNA : The start-up offers its employees to be actors and decision-makers in the company's development strategy. They can also organize their work freely.

Health : The company will soon reach one million members.

Number of employees : 44

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 10 positions in March 2021, 15 to 20 in total over the year.

Types of profiles sought : engineering manager, senior software engineer (back-end), data engineer, infra engineer, customer success specialist.

Recruitment process : HR interview, technical test, exchanges with future colleagues / manager / co-founder in a user-friendly format in order to discover the team and the premises located in the hypercentre of Nantes.

To apply : it's here

Shopopop, the blablacar of delivery

Did you say Shopopop? The company offers a collaborative delivery solution where individuals can deliver orders to their neighbors. After a purchase, they can choose delivery by parcel relay, by La Poste or… with Shopopop.

DNA : The start-up emphasizes the right to make mistakes and the need to “To make sense” in the daily tasks, thanks to the work on projects which are carried out within six months.

Health : Over the past year, their activity has grown by more than 300% and the company is starting to expand abroad: Italy, Belgium and Portugal.

Number of employees : 64

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 5 positions in March 2021, 40 over the year (in Nantes and abroad).

Types of profiles sought : tech (back and front), product owner, customer support, marketing, SDR, country manager

Recruitment process : all you have to do is apply for an advertisement, or as a free candidate, arguing well “Why would you want to join us? If the profile matches their vision and their needs, they will do a first telephone conversation then one or two interviews.

To apply, it's here

Stampyt, the car at its best

Did you say Stampyt? This start-up, born in 2014, specializes in commercial photography for the automotive sector. It offers software based on intelligent and connected imaging technologies. Originally, the young shoot targeted the events sector before pivoting in 2017.

DNA : The company emphasizes the dynamism of its teams, the sense of action and the desire to innovate in the automotive sector.

Number of employees : 32

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 3 positions in March 2021, 20 over the year.

Types of profiles sought : field sales manager, back-end developer – front end, project manager, CSM …

Recruitment process : HR and business exchanges and meeting with Alexandre, the CEO.

To apply, it's here

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* London Digitale is an association created in 2012, made up of 1,800 digital members (entrepreneurs and investors) which promotes the development of start-ups in London and internationally.

Jobs in Lyon: 5 start-ups recruiting in 2021



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