Keeping the organizational climate high reflects in good results for the company

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Companies are constantly looking for increased productivity and increasingly robust results. For this, they invest in powerful technology and hire highly qualified employees. In fact, they are good strategies to leverage the numbers, but by themselves they do not work if the good organizational climate is not maintained.

There is no single formula to be able to maintain optimism and good performance in an organization, but managers can, through various tools, collaborate for a positive scenario. Valuing an employee is essential. And this can be done not only in a motivational way, with the recognition of the good services provided, but also through financial gratification and investment in courses and improvement trips.

The manager is, in fact, a key player in contributing to a good organizational climate. First, if he is a good leader, who knows how to delegate, but also takes responsibility for himself when necessary, perceives dissatisfactions and tries to resolve them, be transparent with his employees and give them autonomy so that they can develop and create their own projects, you will already be doing a good job.

But it is also vital for the leader to recognize when there are problems in his team and act quickly to resolve them. Often, a small crisis among a group of employees can become a much bigger problem and difficult to control if it spreads through the organization. Dissatisfied employees do not work well, do not develop and contaminate others.

There is a plethora of research that shows that employees value working in companies where they feel good, with a pleasant climate and collegiality among employees more than a salary above the market average.

Of course the benefits are always taken into account, but that's not the main point. It's no use earning a lot if spending eight or more hours in the work environment is a burden.

Hence the importance of the organizational climate survey, which is applied by professionals specialized in human resources. The consultancies have their own tools that are capable of diagnosing noise in interpersonal relationships in companies and predicting internal crises. It is very common, due to the accumulation of tasks and the day-to-day rush, that a manager alone is not able to foresee problems or discontent of his team. With the climate assessment, you can have a detailed study on each employee, desires and perspectives, and also feedback on your work as a manager, that is, how you are seen by your team and what actions you can take to improve. the environment.

When employee satisfaction improves, business productivity increases, optimism increases, and even sick leave decreases considerably. As can be seen, diagnosing the climate of an organization is essential for the perpetuity of good business results.

Patricia Fadini is Regional Director responsible for HR Consultant UK's operations in the Southeast region.


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