Know the advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment!

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Know the advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment!

Table of Contents

External recruitment is a strategy adopted by the company to select candidates from outside the organization.

In this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment. How this model can contribute to your company's planning in relation to hiring a new employee.

The advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment in the company

External recruitment it is the process in which the company seeks a professional outside the organization to fill any vacancy available. The idea of ​​this model is to use a new set of skills and experiences to carry out the work.

However, like any strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages to external recruitment. Based on the company's planning and needs is the best way to define whether your objective is in line with the internal or external recruitment.

For this reason, it is essential that managers and professionals of HR know the advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment to avoid errors in the selection process.

And for that, we separate the main for you to plan your hiring process. Check out!

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The advantages of external recruitment

Perform a external recruitment can bring the company professionals with a new vision of the market. We have selected below the main advantages of the external recruitment.

Enables new ideas

An outside professional can bring a different perspective from the one you are living in. Thus offering solutions to recurring problems and alternatives in the execution of tasks. In this way, the chances of reaching a better result are great.

This union of new techniques and skills that a new employee brings, has the chance to contribute with ideas and strategies that your company has not yet adopted.

Thus, the company has a professional more willing to propose changes. And, of course, prepared to execute them.

Contributes to professional selection

When an external selection process is opened, recruiters have the chance to choose a profile more suited to the needs of the company.

Unlike an internal recruitment, where in many cases you need to offer training to the promoted professional, here the contractor is ready to fill the vacancy.

In this case, it is possible to search for the ideal profile, according to the competencies that the company seeks.

Facilitates pre-selection

O external recruitment creates a greater choice of market. You will have at your disposal candidates with different professional profiles. Always remembering that, a job well set up and advertised in the right way, attracts the ideal candidate.

On a external recruitment you can be more judicious in your choice. Since you will have more time to perform interviews, apply tests and make a better assessment before defining the contractor.

Increases the chances of investing in new talent

The market, through HR managers and professionals, is always in search of the greatest talents in the market. O external recruitment makes this encounter possible.

With a strategic recruitment plan, which meets the company's objectives, the possibility of finding a talented professional is increased.

In addition to being able to choose the appropriate profile for the vacancy, you renew your team and invest in a new human heritage.

Disadvantages of external recruitment

But adopting the external recruitment not only has advantages and can put managers in a tight skirt if strategic planning is not done well. Find out below what are the disadvantages of this model.

Excessive process time

A highlight among the advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment what can appear as negative is time.

An external pre-selection can take time and sometimes your company cannot wait. This increases the chances of hiring the wrong person.

Announcement of the vacancy, receipt of the curriculum, selection of candidates, interviews, etc., are some of the points in the process that can generate more bureaucracy and slowness. Undoubtedly, this is one of the major disadvantages of external recruitment.

Demotivation of former professionals

Opt for a external recruitment tends to generate demotivation on the part of older employees. Choosing a professional outside the scope of the company can make your team feel unrecognized.

Most professionals look for a company career path. QWhen they do not receive a promotion and see other professionals hired for the vacancy they want, they become demotivated.

Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and evaluate the reception of the team with the entry of a new employee for a vacancy that could be filled by an older professional.

Therefore, it is essential to set up a strategy on which is the ideal hiring model for your reality.

Higher cost selection process

Expenditure on the selection process is in fact a disadvantage for companies that opt ​​for the rexternal screening.

The savings are greater when the company seeks to promote a professional than to fund an entire selection process, which in addition to taking more time, will have more expenses.

Lack of professional knowledge

When hiring a new employee, it is impossible to have an exact idea of ​​what he will offer to the company.

Fur external recruitment you have contact with the professional only for a few moments in interviews, tests and pre-selection. However, day-to-day and feedbacks of work will be over time.

For this reason, this can cause major problems because the company is unaware of the professional's strengths and weaknesses. In other words, however complete the selection process may be, it is not possible to measure and be accurate in external contracting.

Choose the ideal recruitment strategy

When faced with the advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment, it is easier to choose the hiring model that best meets your company's needs.

A manager needs to take into account that both internal and external recruitment can work. The big secret is to recognize the situations that your company is experiencing and reflect on what the impacts of a hiring strategy are.

The two processes, internal and external, have advantages and disadvantages and having both options at hand can be a support to choose them in different situations.

Use a external recruitment, by employees outside the organization, can be a solution or a problem and its planning is what can influence the manager and the HR sector to be more decisive and assertive.

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