Know the advantages and how to hire a young apprentice!

Know the advantages and how to hire a young apprentice!

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The Jovem Aprendiz (Young Apprentice) program is a very interesting initiative for entrepreneurs who seek to reduce costs with labor charges and also be socially responsible.

This program brings benefits to the employer, by allow hiring employees at a lower cost. It also benefits eligible young people, who have the opportunity to gain your first professional experience.

If you are not yet aware of the benefits of the program, here are our tips on how to hire a young apprentice.

What is the Young Apprentice program?

The project, supported by the Apprenticeship Law (No. 10,097 / 00), aims to train young people under 18 for the labor market.

According to the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws), it is only allowed to enter the labor market from the age of 16. Through the Apprenticeship Law, young people between 14 and 24 years old are encouraged to look for a first job, with all labor rights, under the condition of continuing with studies.

Participation in the program does not require prior experience. However, the young person needs to be enrolled in a preparatory learning course, with a maximum duration of two years.

The program provides technical and professional training of progressive complexity. It offers a combination of theoretical classes (in trained institutions) and practices (carried out in the company).

The Apprenticeship Law provides that medium and large companies must ensure that, a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 15% of vacancies requiring vocational training, must be completed by young people.

Micro companies can also join the program, even though it is not mandatory.

The apprenticeship contract lasts maximum of 2 years. This is also the duration of the technical-professional course in which the young person will be enrolled. After the learning contract ends, the apprentice can be hired indefinitely.

How to hire a young apprentice?

The hiring of the young apprentice must be done with a note in the Work and Social Security Card. The salary is calculated based on the hourly value of the minimum wage and the expedient must be limited between 4 and 6 hours daily.

First of all, the company must enroll in the apprenticeship program, with the guidance of an institution that is part of the National Apprenticeship Register.

These institutions include the National Apprenticeship Services – such as SENAC (National Service for Commercial Apprenticeship), SENAI (National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship), and others.

Technical schools and non-profit entities duly registered with the CMDCA are also on the list of these institutions. They are responsible for the technical and professional education of the young person.

The enrollment of the young person in the course is company responsibility and the theoretical classes must be carried out concurrently with the practical part.

The company must prepare the environment for the reception of these professionals, making employees aware of the importance of collaborating with young people's learning.

It is also important to emphasize that the apprentice must be hired for a specific function, consistent with the course plan provided by the training entity. Your activities within the company must complement the theoretical classes.

What are the main benefits of the program for the company?

Some of the main benefits of hiring a young apprentice are related to labor charges:

Apart from the financial benefits, the employer has the opportunity to engage and develop this young professional according to the company's values ​​and procedures.

Thus preparing the ground for the apprentice to assume new responsibilities over time and build a career plan from an early age.

Hiring young people is also a great tool for the recruitment strategy. Well, it is a way to bring new perspectives to the challenges of everyday life. The company has a lot to contribute to the professional development of young people.

The inclusion of young people must be part of the company's human capital management. In addition to an obligation – given that the Law requires the filling of a minimum quota of vacancies – the participation of companies in the program contributes to their social responsability.

Many of the young people who participate in the program are in a vulnerable situation. They depend on a program, like this one, to help with the family income and, mainly, to build a future.

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What are the main benefits of the program for young people?

The main benefit for the young person who participates in the program isopportunity to enter the labor market and have their first professional experience. In addition to allowing learning in practice, something valuable for the development of your career, while prioritizing studies.

Through the Law of Learning, young people have the right to:

In addition, you cannot work overtime or work in an unhealthy environment. In addition, the workload includes theoretical classes.

It is an alternative to traditional entry into the labor market, which for most young people occurs only at the end of college. The fierce dispute for an internship vacancy in many cases finds a negative answer due to lack of experience.

The program helps to break that barrier, providing the chance to acquire the necessary experience. The only prerequisite is be enrolled in a professional technical course – which adds even more value to the development of this young person.

In other words, it is a excellent opportunity to hone your skills and develop in a professional environment with all the support of the legislation that governs the Jovem Aprendiz program.

It is also an important contribution from the point of view of social responsibility, since the program benefits vulnerable young people and offers the opportunity for a better future for all its participants.

Fostering new talents and contributing to the professional development of new generations is something that benefits all parties involved. In other words, both the company and the young person can only gain from the program.

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