Know the importance of security for your company

Know the importance of security for your company

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One safe work environment it is what makes the difference so that the activities are developed in the best way, bringing good results to all involved.

And for the number of accidents to decrease and, consequently, safety to increase, it is essential that the two parties – employers and employees – work together.

You, the entrepreneur, manager, financier and HR, need provide the necessary equipment for security, as well as courses and lectures that can guide employees about risks, actions that need to be taken, among others.

Employees, in turn, need to accept this information, pay attention to the work environment, use the equipment and really know what to do in case of any type of accident.

Talking about fire extinguishers

And how are we talking about safety in the workplace, the main item that pops into people's heads is the fire extinguisher, fundamental equipment to be present, from companies to homes.

But the first attention in relation to the extinguisher is to the type present in each one. It is necessary to respect the projection of each environment and then choose the correct one. If the project determines a chemical powder extinguisher, it must be this and not another model.

Another important tip is when choose the equipment supplier. Look for those that make spare fire extinguishers available when your company’s are being recharged. After all, you never know when a fire might happen.

But, in addition to having the equipment, you need some other care within the company, such as:

  1. Have signposted emergency exits;
  2. Have adequate fire protection in the environment;
  3. Train an efficient and correct fire brigade;
  4. Have fire-fighting equipment.

Having the right care, the security within the company it only tends to increase and with that, the results are always better.

Power generator care

Another point worth noting is in relation to the power generator. It is a very good piece of equipment for provide a good and efficient load of energy, especially in companies. However, attention is needed to security measures.

Most generators are powered by diesel or gasoline, so maintenance, installation and handling must be done by a specialized professional. That's because, tampering with this type of equipment can be quite dangerous. All care is valid.

Care of the centrifugal pump

THE Centrifugal pump it is also an equipment that is part of many companies, especially those with gardens.

Despite being a little simpler equipment, when compared to the generator, it needs some essential care for a good functioning and also for safety.

Correct installation and maintenance, provide good results and avoid problems that involve failures, such as leaks, breaks, among others.

Every care is essential

Watch over safety and health of all people who are part of the company, is an action that needs to be done by everyone. Therefore, in case of doubts about work safety procedures, be sure to check with a work safety professional. Also, check out this post that we have prepared especially for you. In it you will understand EVERYTHING about what your company should know about the Accident at Work. Click here and access!

* This article was written by Soluções Industriais.



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