Know the main techniques used in the selection process

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Know the main techniques used in the selection process

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O recruitment and selection process it is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges that HR professionals have inside the company. Hiring right is a great differentiator for the organization to stand out and achieve good results.

And in order to minimize the chances of mistake in a hiring, exist techniques used in the selection process. Strategies ranging from internal promotions to the correct choice of space to advertise a vacancy.

At techniques used in the selection process they can attract the ideal candidate and offer greater precision in the process. This reduces expenses with a possible increase in turnover and increases team productivity and performance.

To help you with this challenging routine, we separate the main techniques used in the selection process so you don’t make mistakes when it comes to hiring. Check out!

Techniques used in the selection process

Find the ideal profile for your company depends on several factors and the techniques used in the selection process they can be this support to give more assertiveness in the choice.

Know the main strategies that will make a difference when selecting a candidate.

  1. Internal selection process;
  2. Organize a bank of resumes;
  3. Enter into partnerships with universities and technical schools;
  4. Announcement of vacancies on the internet;
  5. Prepare a structured interview;
  6. Conduct technical knowledge assessments;
  7. Analyze soft skills and hard skills;
  8. Application of behavioral tests.
  9. Create problem solving dynamics.

Following a step by step based on these techniques, the chances of success increase when it comes to the selection process.

1. Internal selection process

Knowing what you have in hand is the first step to be assertive in filling a vacancy.

Many companies open up selection processes in droves when in fact the “Perfect candidate” is right in front of you.

Therefore, one of the techniques used in the selection process is through internal selection. In addition to being a savings for the company, who will not need to have admission expenses, can be a motivational factor for other employees.

This is because promoting an employee sets precedents for the company to demonstrate its concern for the professional growth of the team.

The internal process also makes it easier on factors such as speed of choice of the candidate, adaptation to the company's culture and the work to be performed.

2. Organize a curriculum bank

The economy that the curriculum bank brings is one of its great differentials in relation to the techniques used in the selection process.

Companies that have a curriculum bank organized and updated have greater facility to fill a vacancy in the company.

And this curriculum bank can be formed by professionals who have already participated in some selection process or by resumes not previously selected.

With a market where fast time is required, the curriculum bank acts as an HR facilitator.

It is important, however, to avoid resumes sent a long time ago. Because the information may be out of date, increasing the chances of error.

3. Enter into partnerships with universities and technical schools

One of the techniques used in the selection process that pleases most companies is that of partnership with technical schools and universities.

This link can be of great value in the selection of a great talent that has been standing out in studies.

This type of partnership has great weight mainly for job openings. internship, apprentices, junior level and trainees. Or even being a differential in the creation of a talent bank that is promising in the near future.

In addition, this type of partnership between company, technical schools and universities makes the selection process faster and less costly for the company.

4. Announcement of vacancies on the internet

Today the internet has great power in the face of companies in the face of a generation that is constantly connected. And this can be used in favor of companies when the question is techniques used in the selection process.

Many professionals today look for job vacancies on the internet and many talents are “Hidden” on that number.

Therefore, the disclosure of vacancies on the internet not only facilitates the employee's life, but also speeds up the choice of the employer.

Not to mention that the expenses are lower for the company, since most sites do not charge anything for organizations to advertise their vacancies. Sites such as Catho, Infojobs, Vacancies are some of those that offer a huge range of talent to companies on a daily basis.

Outside that a vacancy posted on the internet allows the company further detail your needs and specifics of the job. It also gives the possibility to include tests that serve as a pre-selection criterion.

5. Structured interview

The interview really needs to be one of the most important techniques used in the selection process along the way. And today the construction of a good interview goes beyond just a conversation.

A structured interview not only puts the professional face to face with the company, but it can be crucial to outline a behavioral analysis. Or even measure factors such as soft skills or hard skills and the ease of dealing with problems.

And this analysis, based on a structured interview, can be done with technical tests, dynamics or simulations of company situations. Thus it is possible to assess the skills and predict future reactions and behaviors of the employee in relation to the company.

6. Assessments of technical knowledge

The curriculum can talk a lot about the employee, but only a technical test can really prove the skills of the professional.

For this reason, companies can prevent errors in the selection process through techniques used in the selection process. Tests that focus on one technical evaluation of the professional.

This can be done through knowledge tests that refer to the position offered.

It can be applied online (through online curriculum banks, such as, by email or even in the company itself.

One technical knowledge test it can be the key to help you choose the ideal profile, with the necessary skills to fill a specific vacancy. The most common tests are language, writing, grammar, etc.

7. Analyze soft skills and hard skills

Assess competences, be they behavioral and social (Soft skills) or technical skills (hard skills), it is essential for HR to be assertive when hiring.

In the case of soft skills it is interpreted as more subjective competencies that will be perceived in the company's day-to-day, principally. This is because it sticks to issues such as ethics, persuasion, resilience, teamwork, among others.

In hard skills it is easier to quantify since they are skills learned at school, college and other professional experiences. For example, fluency in any language, mastery of a program such as photoshop, excel and etc.

But how to evaluate the hard skills and soft skills as techniques used in the selection process?

Hard skills can be assessed through technical tests in which the professional proves his skills to perform the function.

Soft skills, on the other hand, presential interview in which it is possible, at least initially, to get a sense of the professional's personal characteristics. Personal characteristics such as trust, patience, creativity, communication and others.

8. Application of behavioral tests

What does the vacancy require and how to choose the ideal profile? The answer to this question may be the key for HRs to get more right when hiring someone in the market.

And one of the techniques used in the selection process is through a behavioral analysis traced through tests.

Do you need an analyst, communicator, executor or planner? Having that answer can be the solution to your problems in the selection process. Techniques such as DISC methodology it is one of the most used to trace this behavioral profile.

In the DISC method, a questionnaire is used where the professional places a value from 1 to 4, with characteristics in which he more or less identifies himself. Among them appears agile, self-confident, persuasive, calm, selfless, participative and etc..

This type of evaluation can trace the behavioral profile of the professional in contrast to the requirements for the vacancy and the ease of adaptation with the situation. company culture.

9. Create problem solving dynamics

The problem is part of everyone's daily life. Both personally and professionally. Those who cannot deal with them have difficulties to develop and, above all, to maintain high productivity.

For this reason, one of the techniques used in the selection process is through dynamic problem solving. There are numerous ways to test the employee's ability to deal with problems.

Whether presenting a supposed problem and asking for options that lead to its solution. Or even with dynamics that instigate the professional's ability to solve a problem.

The importance of the techniques used in the selection process

At techniques used in the selection process appear as essential tools for companies to get it right when hiring.

When HR uses methods that support its selection processes, it minimizes chances of error to select the ideal professional.

In a market filled with professionals looking for an opportunity, selecting the “Perfect candidate” it is not an easy task. However, those who adopt certain techniques, such as those presented above, can minimize the chances of error.

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