Knowledge development in times of crisis? It does not come to a standstill like this!

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For almost all companies, it is now – to say the least – a strange time. But right now it is important to continue to pay attention to the knowledge development of your people, so that you can make a difference more than ever. But how do you do that?

Low heat

The world is currently different from the world we all knew, also from a business point of view. For some, the business is slowing down for a while, for others, demand is increasing. Employees work from home as much as possible, contacts take place online and even the Friday afternoon drinks have been digitized. There is a great risk that knowledge development within your organization will be put on the back burner for a while.

Working at home = learning at home

Being at home also means learning at home. And that can be quite difficult, everyone understands that. All the more important as a company have an overview of the progress of the learning developments of your people and to keep a grip on what they do in terms of their knowledge development. A good learning platform can help.

Time and energy

A learning platform can save an enormous amount of time and energy for HR managers and executives. Time and energy that you would like to spend on something else, especially now. A good, mature learning platform not only offers an enormous choice of courses, training, education and supporting material such as videos, e-books and audiobooks, you also do not have to do anything for that. After all, all agreements with the providers of online learning resources have already been made.

Such a platform is also a godsend for the employee himself. They can look for the training or education provided in the online catalog themselves is in line with their needs and desired form of learning: from digital to classroom (at the moment of course remotely), from e-books to microlearning.

Moreover, a good platform also facilitates the organization of – online – knowledge sessions. In this way, your people can also share their knowledge with each other in times of social distance without you having to worry about it.

What does such an LMS cost?

Overview and grip

By working from one platform, you, as an HR manager or supervisor, have a simple overview and 100% grip on the progress and learning of your team. Even if, for example, people have to follow training courses due to a reduction in working hours. This way you can see which training courses your people are following, what their number of study hours is, when they were last logged in, what the individual progress is per course and what the results are. Employees can of course also see their own progress.

Easier learning with an LMS

Life a little bit simpler

A learning platform also takes away a lot of administration and – if you have selected a good system – is simple to use. Employees can search for and choose training courses themselves in the training database and submit them digitally to their manager for approval.

If the learning platform also sends smart notifications and helpful reminders, so that your employees remain motivated and achieve their learning goals, then there is a good chance that the knowledge development within your organization will continue as usual.

HR Consultant UK learning platform

The HR Consultant UK platform offers a choice of 4,000+ training courses via the Learning Market Place without having to make agreements with all individual providers of online training. Our learning platform is designed in such a way that everything is accessible within a few clicks. Each user is provided with smart dashboards with extensive information about the progress – of yourself or your team, and with a learning path you map out a clear and goal-oriented path to success.

Curiosity aroused?

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