Labor benefits: the importance of going beyond traditional benefits

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Labor benefits: the importance of going beyond traditional benefits

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Only 20% of workers see only their wages as priority to keep them in the company, according to research by Insper. 90% say the expansion of labor benefits is what motivates them to stay in the organization.

Therefore, the advantages offered to employees, which serve as a complement to their salary, have been making a difference as a retention and attracting new talent.

This means that going beyond the benefits provided by CLT law, is a great differential in the market. Since companies that offer good labor benefits create greater empathy with their employees and make them feel more valued.

But do you know what benefits to offer? In this article we will list some advantages that can serve as a salary supplement for employees. Check out!

What are labor benefits

Labor benefits are advantages that the company grants to its employees in addition to their salary. There are mandatory and optional benefits.

One Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report concluded that the salary should make up 70% of the employee’s total wages. In other words, the benefits should be taken more seriously by companies to try to reduce absenteeism and maintain engagement.

Mandatory labor benefits

The CLT law provides, within its numerous articles, labor benefits mandatory which must be offered by companies that have formal employees.

Thus, when they sign the contract, they automatically acquire the right to receive such benefits. Among the main ones we can highlight:

13th salary

It is foreseen in the Law No. 4,090 and refers to the additional salary that the employee receives annually.

Transportation vouchers

The employer needs to pay for the employee’s travel to the company, so this benefit is mandatory and is provided for in the Law No. 7,418 / 85.


Featured in article 2 of Law 8.036 / 1990, FGTS is an amount that the company deposits monthly, with a discount of 8% in the employee’s payment, to protect it in case of dismissal.

Paid vacations

Professionals working under the CLT regime have the right to take a 30-day vacation period, which can currently be divided into three periods according to new makeover.

With vacation he receives an advance payment of his salary plus 30%. Paid vacations are within the mandatory labor benefits and are provided for in article Art. 130 of CLT law.

Night additional

Every worker who works between 10 pm and 5 am has the right to receive 20% more on each hour worked. This labor benefit is mentioned in the article 73 of the CLT .

Unemployment insurance

It is one of the labor benefits that does not include all workers, since the professional will only enjoy it in case of unfair dismissal. It is described in Law No. 7,998.

Extra and optional benefits

In addition to the mandatory benefits, many companies have an extra labor benefits package.

The main objective of these optional labor benefits is to motivate and mainly maintain employees happy collaborators and engaged with the organization’s goals. This increase in the employees’ income serves to value them.

Below we list some of the main benefits that can serve as a talent retention and attraction tool.

  • agreements with gyms;
  • health insurance;
  • services aimed at the employee’s well-being;
  • agreements with gyms;
  • salary advance;
  • culture voucher;
  • mentoring programs.

Agreements with gyms

Physical exercises positively impact creativity, memory and concentration, according to a study by The Guardian. Therefore, keeping the well-being of employees high can make them more productive.

Thus, many companies opt, within this package of labor benefits, for the gym voucher. In addition to being an incentive to keep your health up to date, you can have employees with a greater disposition.

Health insurance

74.6% of people place health insurance as a determining benefit for motivation in the workplace, according to Catho data. For this reason, a good agreement can be a great option within the labor benefits package.

The health plan works as a kind of support for the employee well-being. If the company offers this type of benefit, the tendency is for him to feel supported, along with his family, if he has any health problems.

Especially because in the country few people have an agreement, so this benefit has become a luxury for those who have it.

One lifting the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brasil) with the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) showed that almost 70% of UK citizens do not have health insurance. Thus, it can be an excellent attraction to retain talent.

Services focused on employee well-being

Labor benefits can go beyond high investments. The company can also think of small actions that change the routine of employees and make them happier.

And in order to maintain the well-being the company can offer Quick Massage periodic and labor gymnastics. With them it is possible to decrease the level of stress and even reduce pain in muscles and joints.

Through these labor benefits, the rate of absenteeism is reduced and the employee is prevented from illnesses caused by repetitive activities.

Salary advance

Who never arrived in the last week of the month and looked at their own account and didn’t even have a penny? Many go through this every month. So, to solve this problem, many companies include the wage advance in their benefits package.

With this fragmented salary, employees have the possibility to better control their accounts, avoiding, for example, a financial crisis. Highlighted in the market, the HR Consultant UKy, also follows a very interesting idea.

In it, the company offers employees, through a management platform, the possibility of requesting part of their salary at any time, according to the hours worked.

This relieves financial stress, which is a major generator of poor performance and lack of productivity.

Culture voucher

The diverse forms of culture and entertainment, such as reading, cinema, theater, among others, can be a differential to enhance the skills of employees.

Therefore, the culture voucher can be seen not only as one of the good labor benefits, but as one of the factors that can influence the employees’ personal and professional growth.

In addition, it is an incentive for them to have fun outside the work environment and have more courage to perform tasks during office hours.

Especially because receiving this type of benefit, the company demonstrates a concern for its well-being that surpasses the professional barrier.

Mentoring programs

Career growth and development is the desire of all professionals and one of the most current and effective labor benefits comes through job training programs. mentoring.

In it, a more experienced professional devotes part of his time to share his personal and professional experiences to help young people.

As a result, it helps them to develop new skills, helping them to identify strengths and what they need to improve.

With this type of benefit, the company is able to identify new talents, strengthen the relationship between the leader and the teams and improve the organizational climate.

Especially because the manager / mentor leaves the door open to his apprentices so that there is an exchange of experience on both sides.

Labor benefits: synonymous with motivation and engagement

It is essential when setting up a labor benefits plan to take into account the needs and desires of employees. For this it is possible to apply surveys with a list of options of benefits that your company is able to offer.

Currently, optional labor benefits are a great differentiator for those who want to stand out and build a good name in the market. Through them, the company creates good conditions even to attract and retain its talents.

Any salary supplement, which goes beyond mandatory labor benefits, can be a tool to motivate, stimulate and engage employees in the organization.

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