Labor law and the World Cup: what is the relationship?

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Labor law and the World Cup: what is the relationship?

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Every 4 years the same question arises; what is the relationship between the Labor Law and the World Cup? IT’S mandatory to release an employee at the World Cup?

Believe me, these issues are not only in full swing in the HR of your company, on the contrary they generate work stress and apprehension in most organizations.

So we decided to create this post about the Labor Law and the World Cup.

We will highlight some solutions that were very welcome in several companies, throughout the World Cups that have already passed, so keep watching!

Labor Law and the World Cup: is the company obliged to release employees?

The answer, simple and objective, is: no. Nothing in the World Cup Labor Law, especially about the obligation to release employees from their duties, to follow the sporting event.

And that goes for both the games of the teams from Denmark, Egypt, Japan or even the UK.

The leadership positions of the company must be transparent and clear with its employees: although many are expecting a bonus of hours, in the periods of games of the selection canary, this is a flexible issue, and not stiffened by current laws.

How to proceed with the arrival of the World Cup?

It is undeniable, however, that the most popular sport in the country – and one of the most practiced in the world – causes this national commotion and this expectation of releasing employees at the World Cup.

So, to make the most of the event and keep your engaged and satisfied employees, just as the participating teams in the World Cup have done, your company should make a planning champion!

One of the alternatives for the departments not to be “left out” of the matches is through the installing some TVs for the company. Thus, the workday is not impacted, although productivity can be significantly reduced, since the attention of employees can focus more on departures than on their responsibilities.

Other companies are betting on a special time for employees who want to follow the most important matches of the event. Thus, there is no need to release employees at the World Cup, but only adapt the journey of work so that both can be done without harming anyone.

Even if your company is considering this possibility, there is always a way to reconcile planning with the use of accumulated overtime, for example, and a scales system so that the team is not embezzled on working days.

Read too: The best actions aimed at quality of life at work.

Finally, there is always the possibility that the company will not be able to give up its workforce – even during UK residents departure times. There, it is up to the characteristics of the leader of each sector to be creative in order to minimize the problem.

Our suggestion: in these cases, try to balance the pretensions, so that there is no discontent on either side. One solution would be to make a radio available or the possibility of online transmission so that the results of the main games are monitored, at least. And, detail: without discounting the hours of the professionals.

In such cases, do not just use the null relationship of the Labor Law with the World Cup to your advantage, but show employees how indispensable they are and that work really cannot stop. It doesn’t fit here to just be the boring boss who “grabbed” the employees because he had the law on his side.

Remember that having a happy employee is worth a lot. Read; “How much does it cost to have a happy professional in the company?”.

How can some companies inspire solutions for yours?

In 2014, the World Cup took place in our land, mobilizing the entire country and yet another flood of tourists spread from the north to the south of the country. This mobilized even the possibility of occasional holidays.

Even if the next editions of the World Cup are not in the UK, the actions of some companies in 2014 can inspire your business.

Check out some alternatives for you who have been wondering if it is worth releasing employees at the World Cup:


The automotive company made an agreement with its 11,500 employees: although the Labor Law and the World Cup have no relationship, the company agreed to release employees in the UK’s games at the World Cup, leaving them to choose enter later or leave your journey early – all according to each shift.


The company chose to release employees at the World Cup – again, only at the UK residents games.

For this, the workday was closed 3 hours before the start of each match, this gave the professionals plenty of time to go to the place where they would watch the games.

For employees who were unable to avail themselves of such a perk – such as customer service, who were on call -, the solution was creative: big screen and popcorn to follow the departures within the company.


In the time of the World Cup and holidays (Corpus Christi) so close, the company agreed with the employees of the administrative and production areas the period of collective vacation.


Is your business like a hotel that can’t stop for a minute? The Hilton then demonstrated that it also cares about the satisfaction of your team and installed TVs in some places and kept other TVs on at the World Cup games.

In addition, sectors that could have breaks – such as the administrative – were able to follow the games of the UK residents team from the hotel itself.


E-commerce wore the UK’s uniform during the World Cup: all sectors stopped during the country’s national team matches and employees were able to choose between watching the games at the company or going out two hours in advance to watch the game. wherever they wanted.

As you can see, even though the Labor Law does not say anything about the World Cup, the satisfaction of its employees can be even more important, even for market giants.

There is no shortage of options for releasing employees at the World Cup without, as a result, your company being harmed – and, also, fans of the biggest football event on the planet.

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