Labor Market: learn about the main HR trends for 2021

Labor Market: learn about the main HR trends for 2021

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The year 2021 brought many changes to the job market. Some of them foreseen and others, made according to the need – as the exponential increase in the home office motivated by the coronavirus pandemic.

For that reason, to know the main HR trends for 2021 can help ensure more control for your business and flexibility to improve changes and transformations in the industry.

With advance planning, you can make any adjustments with less unforeseen and obstacles in the way. And, of course, with total alignment of employees and less costs with that.

Next, we'll talk about the following HR trends for 2021 in the job market:

  1. Permanent home office
  2. Flexible benefits package
  3. Online training as one of the HR trends for 2021
  4. Flexibility in the work environment
  5. Automation of processes
  6. Social responsability
  7. Gamification
  8. Recruitment and selection
  9. On-demand salary

What's up? Were you able to identify good trends for your business? So, continue with the reading below and be inspired to anticipate planning for the next year with our ideas!

1. Permanent home office

Many organizations have identified the home office as a non-temporary solution, due to the coronavirus, but a definitive one. It's the permanent home office that seems to be here to stay, permanently.

After all, managers and employees immediately realized the benefits of this practice, such as the reduction of operating costs, the autonomy and flexibility to set up the routine and the improved quality of life without the need to move to a distant workplace, among others. factors.

However, it is worth avoiding the rush to implement it. For example: to overcome the challenges of holding meetings at a distance, rely on specific tools for this – such as Zoom, that grew 30 times during the pandemic – and develop a whole policy focused on the home office.

Solutions like this are consolidated as something in the long term, and not just because of the immediacy of the situation. And everyone can benefit from it.

2. Flexible benefits package

You corporate benefits for home office can be of great value to your organization in search of the main HR trends for 2021. All because they align and show attention to the main concerns of employees, today.

Especially those of younger generations, like Z and also millennials.

It turns out that the popularization of remote work interfered precisely in the offer of benefits. Some examples of this:

  • online therapy;
  • food stamps in lieu of food stamps – or just in addition, as food stamps can be used to deliveries, for example;
  • costing of the internet and other services necessary for work, such as electricity;
  • replacement of the transportation voucher for another benefit.

It is also worth pointing out that the company can take care of other aspects necessary to perform a good job at a distance. For that, we recommend reading another article from us, which lists the items needed to design a home office kit for your employees style=”font-weight: 400;”>!

3. Online training as one of the HR trends for 2021

Digital solutions have everything on the horizon of the job market. Now, we are talking specifically about the fundamental training and development work led by HR.

Only, here, we need technological assistance that allows its implementation and effective absorption on the part of the participants.

Whether for the improvement of some skill, training employees or improving other performance indicators, such as motivation and engagement, it is possible to do this from a distance.

New technologies are used to ensure their effective application. Firstly, through simple communication tools, such as the aforementioned Zoom, but there are also EAD (distance learning) platforms that have been constantly improving over the years. Some of the most popular are:

  • Udemy;
  • Enap;
  • Sebrae;
  • Coursera;
  • Alura.

Good to go ahead, because the combined use of face-to-face strategies with technological tools are among the great actions implemented by companies of the future, you knew?

4. Flexibility in the work environment

In addition to distance work, flexible working patterns have also grown as one of the major HR trends for 2021. The job market now lives with the need to remove the rigidity of routine. This can occur through a personalized schedule, solutions that also value the quality of life of employees or, simply, an alignment of benefits with the average profile of professionals.

The point is that inflexible ideas have less space, in corporate corridors. Something that has been shown to be especially important in attracting and retaining the talents of more recent generations, such as generation Z – which is already a large part of the current workforce, inclusive.

It is also possible to deconstruct the vertical hierarchy of work. An interesting trend that has already taken root and does not seem to be a fad, no.

For this, flexibilization consists of giving employees more autonomy, freedom and management power. Thus, leadership acts more as an element of inspiration and guidance while its subordinates develop in multiple ways.

It is worth noting how much this can evolve, in the medium term, to the construction of a staff full of leaders and most of them supported by a sense of belonging of the company where you work.

5. Automation of processes

Automation systems can make all the difference for HR today. After all, they help to:

  • reduce the bureaucracy in the sector by automating processes;
  • organize the entire department, requiring less physical space for paperwork documentation and including it in digital files that are saved in the cloud;
  • generate a more mobile company, since all the information in the sector can be accessed from anywhere, and at any time;
  • establish insights from the analysis of performance indicators and automatically generated reports.

It is Big Data and other combined technologies that translate into multifaceted solutions for the development not only of your company's human resources sector, but of the organization as a whole.

6. Social responsibility

Social responsibility is growing in our increasingly globalized world. The UK residents is increasingly attuned and adept at brands that defend social causes.

Establishing this parameter, however, should not be something just strategic to boost the company's reputation. On the contrary: it must be aligned with the institutional pillars of the organization and also serve as a stimulus to the profile of its employees.

As a result, this mission will extend to the offer of its products or services and also in the way in which the brand positions itself in the market. This all adds value, but also results. Something that benefits everyone involved.

7. Gamification

In addition to the aforementioned distance training, something that can make all the difference for the growth of the company, in general, is the in-depth use of gamification.

We did a full post on the subject – take the time to check it out as soon as you finish this reading!

But it is worth considering it among the major HR trends for 2021 for something simple: gamification works. It can be used for training, recruitment and selection, with motivational objectives and also to add results to teams based on goals and deadlines.

All of this, of course, with an educational, instructive and entertaining atmosphere while encouraging professionals to work according to the strategy.

8. Recruitment and selection

As we mentioned the subject above, it is worth mentioning it among the major HR trends for 2021. The job market is eyeing innovations focused on recruitment and selection because:

  • helps to compose assertiveness when choosing recruiters;
  • thereby minimizing unnecessary expenses with high turnover rates;
  • brings the company closer to professionals who are truly aligned with the organization's profile;
  • reduces the total cycle for a new hire.

In other words: they are data that are converted into expressive results for the company in the short, medium and long term. Because professionals satisfied with companies tend to stay longer. And this is of great value for the organization and also for the professional.

For that reason, here's our big tip: keep an eye on the recruitment trends. They can serve as a true compass to guide your company to full assertiveness in future selection processes!

9. Salary on demand

Finally, we have to talk about the on-demand salary as one of the major HR trends for 2021.

And do you know why? Through this benefit, people acquire more autonomy to deal with their personal accounts, being able to access the salary of days already worked whenever they want.

This adds more personalization to their financial planning and prevents them, in the face of an emergency need, from resorting to costly alternatives, such as overdraft.

When that option becomes a common necessity, debts increase and financial stress knocks on the door. Something that is harmful to the individual and also to the company in several ways.

Check out a little more about salary on demand in the following video:


” alt=””/>

How about, then, to plan quickly and effectively to generate more financial well-being for your professionals? HR can innovate quickly through pay-on-demand solutions, then it is worth knowing more about the subject and ensuring full alignment with what your employees need most!

Now it's time to meet with your co-workers, to define together what will be the HR trends for 2021 that you will start to develop for your company! In the meantime, you can benefit from more tips on the job market and the growth of your organization in an even easier way: just like our page on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay on top of all our news at first hand!



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