Leadership and people management in talent retention

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You have certainly heard that the leadership and people management happens through example. When a leader succeeds in winning over his team simply because he demonstrates commitment and dedication, he is easily followed.

Meanwhile, the “leaders” who do not have the ability to encourage the people around them, find it difficult to be followed and motivate their employees.

People even look at you, as someone who needs to affirm himself and surround himself with phrases like “my team”, “my decisions”, instead of directing the energy to develop and train your team, transforming you into a truly team autonomous and high performance.

Leadership problems and mistakes in organizations

Especially in cases of junior teams, there are managers who “slow down” and who have difficulty in developing and training people. In this way, they lose dedicated and committed employees, as they often see no reason to follow a leadership that does not direct, develop or inspire them.

In addition, these leaders may find it difficult to dismiss employees, because they blame themselves, or on the contrary, seek to dismiss everyone who may be a “problem”, having difficulty transforming and reversing the team's scenario.

In cases of senior leaders, in which leaders lead other leaders, some of the most common mistakes are: the lack of autonomy provided by the manager who interferes with his subordinate's team, and the lack of understanding of leadership styles distinct from yours, which makes the followers follow exactly what they would do, which can demotivate.

You probably heard by now that when the organization promotes an excellent technician to a manager, it tends to gain a terrible leader and lose an excellent technician.

However, who does this decision come from? Almost always from another leader, usually the senior level we mentioned above, who in doing so is “sacrificing” not only the person he put in this situation, but the entire team present in this cycle.

What it takes for more assertive leadership and people management

In order to assume a position of leadership and people management, in addition to technical knowledge, there are essential behavioral skills such as:

  • result orientation;
  • ownership;
  • decision making;
  • complexity management;
  • critical analysis;

In addition, of course, to human indicators such as:

Leaders have great responsibilities. They represent their respective organizations, so each decision and direction can impact both the team and the system as a whole.

When their decisions are not impartial, based on clear criteria, especially when they are not guided by meritocracy and recognition, it is unlikely that this leader will be able to reach his team, having difficulty in fostering a sense of ownership and belonging, the search for new and yearning to do more. with less.

People will simply be in that environment for being, maybe they will do the good, but not the great or excellent.

If the leader demonstrates the ability to inspire, develop, recognize, indicate loyalty and transparency in communication, then this team will do its best to support its manager in the face of challenges and in obtaining results.

The team members can even consider a change of company, and in some situations they will change, however, due to the support and the day-to-day exchange, they will rethink if changing the manager will really make sense.

Good leadership also involves humanization

It is clear that managers need resources from the organization to support the retention of talents and attractiveness of the team, but these points are additional, that is, they need to walk together for good leadership and people management.

In contrast, managers who are not admired and who do not earn the credibility of their peers and subordinates, may have difficulty both inspiring, achieving results through the team, and retaining their employees.

However, in view of the market scenario, where companies have undergone constant processes of disruption and change, those that will perform better will be those in which their leaders will be able to inspire, engage, encourage and lead human capital through example to that the desired transformation takes place.

Carla Chudi

Transformation and Management Manager



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