Learn about the advantages of adopting the electronic signature in HR

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assinatura eletrônica no RH

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2021 was certainly a challenging year for everyone. The pandemic made many companies look for innovative solutions to survive the crisis. One of the many measures taken by several organizations was the implementation of electronic signature in their HR departments.

Those who used to push the digitization of documents with their stomachs in the past have come to realize the importance of automation! After all, the electronic signature makes life easier for Human Resources professionals and employees themselves, speeding up the admission process.

Do you want to modernize your company, improve results and streamline processes? Consider adopting electronic signature! By doing this, your HR department will gain several benefits, such as:

  • accelerate the recruitment of new employees;
  • increase team productivity;
  • have unified data management;
  • lower costs;
  • get faster approvals;
  • offer more benefits to employees.

In partnership with SmallPDF, HR Consultant UKy has prepared a text with everything you need to know about this innovation. So, we invite you to follow. Good reading.

How does electronic signature work?

In times of pandemic and employees working in home office, any technology or facility that comes to add to the day-to-day of companies is welcome.

With that in mind, many companies no longer live without electronic signatures. But after all, what is it and how does it work?

THE electronic signature minimizes the bureaucracy, paperwork and delay involved in the hiring processes. Thanks to this, you can formalize contracts without having to go in person to the place where this signature would take place a notary office, for example.

In other words, electronic signature is a way to authenticate documents without the need to use manual paper signature.

The process is safe because it requires several requirements for validating a document:

  • integrity: the guarantee that the document or file has not been altered after signing, through data such as time and date;
  • authenticity: the guarantee that the person who signed the document is really who he says he is, through the IP record of the equipment used at the time of signing;
  • not repudiation: the guarantee that whoever signed cannot deny the validity of the document.

But will the electronic signature have legal validity?

The answer is yes! This innovation is assured by Provisional Measure 2200/2001-2, which can be considered one of the first government actions to regulate electronic transitions in the country.

This measure was created with the objective of differentiating the digital signature from other electronic actions, conferring the same legal value as a signature with a recognized signature.

With that in mind, electronic signature cannot be considered “just a choice”, but a trend that is here to stay. Organizations seeking growth and competitiveness cannot be left behind when it comes to streamlining their daily lives!

The different types of electronic signatures

THE Law 14.063/2021 it has already gone through several modifications, and currently allows a larger list of documents that can be digitally validated.

About 50% of UK residents public services who need information or appointments can be made through electronic signature, thanks to sanctioned changes to expand this resource

According to this Law, electronic signatures are classified as:

  • simple signature: allows the signatory to be identified in a simplified way, associating data with other information in electronic format of the signatory. It can be used in interactions with less impact that do not involve sensitive information. Examples: request for information, scheduling of expertise, medical appointments, etc.
  • advanced subscription: Allows any further modification to the document to be detectable. It uses certificates not issued by ICP-Brasil, as long as it is accepted by the parties as valid. Examples: registration of acts before commercial boards.
  • qualified subscription: produced from an ICP-Brasil digital certificate. Examples: issuance of invoices, transfer and registration of properties, etc.

Each of these classifications have different degrees of technical requirements and security levels.

It is also worth remembering that there is a difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature. Did you know?

Electronic signature is a broader term that encompasses all types of firms that use electronic means as validation. An example is when you need a password to perform an operation. Another example is the use of digital printing.

Both electronic and digital signature are legally valid modalities. However, the main difference is that the digital signature uses cryptographic keys to fix a unique code in the document. A simple tampering attempt makes the signature invalid.

Therefore, the term “digital signature” is more specific, while electronic signature refers to a group of possibilities.

What are the benefits of electronic signature in HR?

If you still don't use electronic signature in your company, you're missing the opportunity to streamline your employees' processes and activities!

So if you want increase the results of Human Resources, adopt everything that makes you more innovative and efficient, this includes the electronic signature, which is an excellent strategy to improve the management of people and the business itself.

With this innovation, you can sign documents anywhere and on any device. Therefore, we bring the main benefits for you to start adopting this facility in your hiring processes. Check out:

  1. accelerate employee recruitment: you can reduce the admission time so that the new employee doesn't have to wait weeks to start working;
  2. increase team productivity: imagine having to spend office hours looking for badly organized documents or having a lost document? The electronic signature reduces your employee's working hours so that they use that time for what really matters;
  3. create unified data management: keeping documents in a single system facilitates the organization of the company and allows access to files by multiple professionals (provided they are authorized);
  4. lower costs: companies often need to cut costs but don't know what to cut first. So, start with the simplest. The electronic signature allows you to reduce expenses with document logistics, paperwork, printing and even storage;
  5. get faster approvals: by digitizing your company's basic processes you can get documents approved faster, such as licenses and expenses;
  6. offer employee benefits: the employee may withdraw the FGTS, apply for unemployment insurance and retirement.

See, how important is it to digitize documents and automate processes?

The great crisis that the coronavirus imposed transformed the reality of organizations, which awakened to the use of technology!

The uses of electronic signature

We've already seen some of the applications of this innovation for companies or businesses, right?

Now, if you still think it's too little, take a look at more possibilities that electronic signature can bring to your company:

  • Commercial area: subscription to internet and cable TV services; rental contracts; purchase and sale contracts.
  • People Management Area: employment contract; delivery of materials; receipts; health insurance.
  • financial area: banking operations; issuance of invoices; accounting information.
  • Juridical area: legal documents; contracts; corporate documents.

With the electronic signature, you gain time and more security in the bureaucratic part of your business, since this innovation is provided for by law. Your data will be protected by various validation schemes.

In times of pandemic, this is even more relevant to prevent the spread of the virus, since it eliminates some queues and crowding both in companies and in public bodies.

How to electronically sign?

After all, how can you make an electronic signature? It's complicated? Is the process free?

Generally, documents that allow the inclusion of a digital signature are in PDF format, as it provides greater security and reliability. However, there are also other types.

In the case of a PDF document, just follow the step by step:

  1. Access a tool to sign PDF to carry out the subscription.
  2. Upload the document that needs to be signed;
  3. Choose the option “Place signature” to create a new signature;
  4. Then drag the signature onto the document;
  5. Click “Finish” and download your document.

PDF electronic signature is simple and fast!

Signatories receive a secure link via email and all file transfers are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. This type of encryption is military-grade security that guarantees you more privacy when exchanging files and signatures online.

Furthermore, the tool works on any browser and device, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Files uploaded on servers are deleted after 1 hour.

You understand the importance of taking your document management virtual, as it eliminates much of the red tape of handwriting!

Therefore, to bring more agility and efficiency to the HR sector, invest in electronic signature.

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