Learn how to align with the employee experience trend

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Learn how to align with the employee experience trend

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The employee experience trend is a response to decades of monitoring job profiles, seeking balance so that baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z can feel satisfied, engaged and motivated to grow with the company.

In recent years, there has been a greater amount of opportunities in the market than qualified human resources.

To do so, companies must be aligned with the employee experience trend to attract valuable hires while retaining your employees.

As a result, one question has permeated the daily lives of HR specialists: What makes people want to work in certain companies?

In this post, we'll see precisely the employee experience trend — and that the promotion of periodicals happy hours it's not enough to make an employee engage in the work environment. Check out!

What is Employee Experience?

When already inserted in the company, the employee experience it is a set of strategies focused on hooking the individual for the emotional. Make him feel part of the company, to engage in everyday life.

To do so, companies must understand what actually motivates these people. A recent study of Deloitte University Press, it even shows that 80% of respondents rated employee experience as important or very important.

What is the impact of this on different generations?

What moved and motivated people 20 years ago no longer works for millennials, for example. Hence, the importance in define the company profile and understand the staff to understand needs individually and collectively. For example:

baby boomers

You baby boomers (those born after World War II) occupy about one third of all jobs in the US market. Furthermore, more than half of all leadership positions are held by this generation.

As they approach retirement age, their priorities change. They focus less on individual growth and more on their family. And, with that, the HR sector of the companies started to consider alternatives to improve the well-being and quality of life of these people.

Among the main measures, they identified the importance of adding flexible hours to this group.

Generation X

The next generation implies the birth of people between the decades of 1960 and 70 and, following social and cultural changes, this has translated into a profile focused on autonomy, independence and self-confidence.

For them, HR offered rewards and benefits that reflected more day-to-day flexibility for them.


An emerging generation, millennials are currently challenging HR due to the wide flexibility of characteristics, needs and objectives of this rapidly expanding group, such as:

  • health and wellness programs;
  • flexibility in the workplace;
  • support and feedback;
  • coaching — not to be confused with micromanaging);
  • Social consciousness;
  • Strong culture in the workplace with collaboration.

Therefore, it is not about the culture of a fun environment, but about balancing the personal and professional lives of employees.

Generation Z

Most recent, who was born between 1994 and 2010 is known as a member of the Generation Z, with good similarities with the millennials, but with notable differences.

While both generations have expressed the need for consistent feedback from employers, Generation Z cares less about work-life balance, and more with your safety. Among other important aspects in your career, such as:

  • good money offer;
  • unemployment insurance;
  • opportunity to advance in your career.

This generation also seeks its own independence, reflecting in a work environment in which they do not have to share office space. A recognition of its territorial and competitive nature.

What does it have to do between all generations?

In the focus of employee experience trend, what is seen in common between the generations is the work overload and long office hours. With that, HR specialists identified the generation of programs to simplify the work and reduce the stress of its employees.

Jacob Morgan, in your book The Employee Experience Advantage, highlights the importance of 3 pillars to add value to all generations and promote a great employee experience:

  • culture, which is the sense of purpose that employees feel through the organizational structure and the people within the organization;
  • technology, which refers to the tools that employees use to do their jobs, facilitating routine and inspiring collaboration;
  • physical workspace, promoting the well-being, convenience and comfort — and not just the rigid, structural view of functional productivity.

For the author, these are the first elements to be considered for your company to be an attraction for those who work at it, and for those who forward their respective resumes to HR.

What does employee experience trend mean?

More than an appeal to emotions and feelings, it's about, improve employee retention, shorten the recruitment process and truly impact people.

It is undeniable that an environment conducive to employee well-being and satisfaction you are more likely to get engagement, productivity and motivation on a daily basis.

To do so, below you can check the alternatives we suggest to add the employee experience trend — and to retain their talents. Check out!

implement feedback

Performance evaluations and feedback are crucial to understand what each employee thinks about the company, their routine, and associates them with their needs and goals.

focus on autonomy

You may not be able to remodel your office entirely, but small adjustments can be made to create a sense of flexibility and autonomy.

For example: how about implementing a flexible hours program or even implementing technologies that allow employees to work wherever they want?

Invest in gamification

Challenges with rewards, goals disguised in a playful scenario… This all encourages competitiveness, collaboration and encourages the team to constantly seek results.

Something different to retain and attract new talent to your organization — and with real effects on your brand's development.

Take advantage of the HR technology market

Nowadays, HR can measure collective performance, evaluate different indices and focus on the well-being of employees with a series of solutions and strategies, such as:

Think about balancing integration, redeeming benefits and aligning employees' profiles. The easier it is, the better the approximation with a good employee experience trend.

Invest in endomarketing

employee experience mixes with candidate experience trend because, if you compose a rich work environment, focused on collective well-being, the more your brand awareness grows.

Thus, employees demonstrate proud to work there, serving as an instrument to publicize its differentials. Consequently, more people will knock on your door, interested in being part of this rich culture.

Keep a close eye on the indexes

Knowing which indices to measure, and monitoring them with the help of automated management tools, you can understand everything that has yielded and what deserves to be adjusted in the company.

As a benefit of this, your company now has employees engaged, united and focused sharing their knowledge with other collaborators.

In addition, you spend less on recruiting, achieving a high level of retention. And, not least, it qualifies human resources, translating into a superior level of excellence to deal with your target audience.

So, what did you think of this content? Do you already apply something like this in your company's routine? Share the results with us in the comments field!


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