Learn how to apply an organizational climate survey

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Learn how to apply an organizational climate survey

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The company depends directly on the employee satisfaction to succeed. After all, unmotivated employees produce less and with poor quality.

When it comes to customer service, the issue is even more troubling. Because this discontent is passed to the consumer and it can ruin the company's reputation.

The organizational climate plays a fundamental role in employee engagement.

Only in a pleasant and encouraging environment is it possible to have employees who are happy and willing to do their best.

The best strategy to assess this climate is to carry out constant surveys, capable of measuring how satisfied your employees are.

But for them to bring the necessary results, they must follow some methods. Understand with the help of this post how to apply a climate survey.

What is organizational climate survey?

The organizational climate survey is a tool used to identify employee satisfaction with work.

Through it, it is possible to understand how employees perceive the company and whether the work environment is pleasant.

One good organizational climate it is indispensable for high levels of productivity, engagement and quality at work. It is he who guarantees the employee motivation.

With the survey, it is possible to understand if the scenario is negative or positive. And, based on this information, take the necessary steps.

Remember that the organizational climate encompasses a series of aspects that directly influence the employee's well-being.

This corresponds from the physical facilities to the relationship with bosses and colleagues, going through the workload and collection of results.

How can organizational climate survey help your company?

There is no way to define the ideal moment or a specific problem that requires the application of the climate survey in your company.

The best thing is for it to be done periodically, especially if we take into account the turnover rates.

Its application is also indicated when HR notices problems in employee motivation and a drop in productivity.

This recommendation is valid because a good diagnosis of the organizational climate brings a lot of benefits.

It helps prevent your best employees from stamping out by showing dissatisfaction trends in advance. So, the Human Resources manages to take the necessary steps.

THE climate research it also points out problems in internal relationships and management failures, such as an authoritarian leadership or one that disrespects the teams. This is a critical problem and can even lead to lawsuits for bullying.

With the surveys, the corporation is able to train or fire these leaders, ensuring an environment of appreciation for its employees.

The organization is also able to identify whether the salary is satisfactory, which can be used to attract other talents in the market that make a difference in the production process.

Organizational research is an excellent tool for building robust employer branding.

The complete diagnosis provided by the climate survey gives room for more solid decision-making. In this way, it is possible to develop positive strategies that will bring more engagement, productivity and retention.

With internal structures working perfectly, it is possible to set aggressive goals and make mature and better decisions for the business.

How to apply an organizational climate survey?

For a good application of climate research, it is important to follow some steps that will help structure the process. Are they:

1. Preparation

You may define a specific problem to address during the research or decide on an overall assessment.

Another interesting approach is to carry out a first survey and then some smaller ones for follow-up, until a predetermined cycle is closed for the solution of that question.

2. Planning and choosing the methodology

At this stage, the type of questionnaire and how it will be applied among employees.

It is also defined how the answers will be (multiple choice, scale, etc.), how the results will be collected and treated and which instruments will be used during the evaluation.

Also determine if the survey will be applied online and the timetable for application – when the questionnaire will be distributed, deadline for return, period for measurement and date for dissemination of results.

3. Execution

In this step, the research application. Make a prior announcement explaining how and what are the goals of its achievement.

Make it clear that the intention is to improve working conditions and, therefore, the answers must be honest.

Assert employees that the survey is completely anonymous so they feel free to participate without fear of reprisal.

4. Measurement and evaluation

After conducting the survey, it's time to collect all results. Remember the initial objective defined in the preparation step and the tools chosen during planning.

Measure all the data, graph it, and draw qualitative conclusions, not just quantitative ones. F

Perform a careful interpretation of the data and extract as much information as possible so you can pull out insights and ideas for improvement.

5. Publication of results

don't miss publish the search results after it ends.. Employees need to know what the conclusions were and understand what will be done with that information.

You can publish the graphics through a internal communiqué or post them on the notice board.

This accountability is important to ensure the teams' participation in a new survey.

Hold meetings with HR and managers to plan internal corrections and transform survey data into concrete improvement actions.

THE Organizational weather research help to people management to make the company a much better place to work, helping to build a positive image in the job market and in relation to the competition.

Now that you know how to apply a Organizational weather research, it's time to study how to make this assessment in your company and present the idea to directors and CEOs.

They will certainly collaborate with the achievement, after all, it is an excellent organizational growth strategy.

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