Learn how to invest in stocks with little money!

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Learn how to invest in stocks with little money!

Table of Contents

Investing in stocks is one of the most profitable ways to make money pay off. However, most UK citizens still believe that this is a very restricted possibility and do not know how to invest in stocks with little money.

One of the main myths about the investment world is that it takes a lot of money to start investing. The truth is, ordinary good planning, it is possible to invest in stocks with little money and create an investment portfolio.

Of course, the proportion of earnings will depend on the amount invested, but that does not mean that you cannot start venturing into the financial market and make good profits from buying shares.

Before you start investing, however, you need to learn a little more about how stock Exchange, investor profiles and the most appropriate modality for those just starting out.

Therefore, in this article you will learn how to invest in stocks with little money and how to start your journey on the stock exchange. Let's address:

  • What is a stock exchange?
  • What are the investor profiles?
  • Why and how to invest in the financial market?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying shares?
  • Is it possible to invest in stocks with little money?
  • How to invest in stocks with little money?

So, come on.

What is a stock exchange?

To start your journey of buying shares, it is necessary to understand what the stock exchange, currently called B3 in Brazil, is and how it works.

It is a financial market for the trading of several financial assets, including stocks, the term most known to UK citizens. In addition to shares, some assets traded on the stock exchange are:

  • Public titles;
  • Investment fund shares;
  • Fixed income assets;
  • Listed derivatives;
  • OTC derivatives.

For each of these assets, there is an adequate investor profile and that is what we will talk about in the next index.

What are the investor profiles?

The investor profile is related to the level of risk that you are willing to take at the time of the investment. There are three main types of investors: conservative, moderate or aggressive.

Conservative: it is one that does not want to take high risks, so it prefers to invest in products in categories with low or no risk, such as fixed income investments.

Moderate: they are investors who are not willing to risk all the money, but who, for the sake of greater profitability, already assume higher risks. However, security is still an important point. He usually invests in fixed income and opts for other products such as stocks.

Aggressive: these investors exchange security for the possibility of greater profitability of their applications. They are those who invest in variable income products, such as stocks and equity funds. The risk of loss of equity is accepted by this profile. Usually, they are people who understand the financial market.

If you’ve never made an investment, you’ll probably want to start with those of fixed income, but if it fits more into the moderate or aggressive profile, if you want to start investing in variable income products, this article will talk about how to learn to invest in stocks below.

If you have any questions about getting started with the actions, we’ve listed in this article five types of investments better than savings for 2021. If you are not sure yet, start with fixed income and then move on to high-risk investments.

Why and how to invest in the financial market?

The best way to make money is when you don't have to work to earn it, so investing in the financial market is one of the options. It is a modality that will make your money multiply without you having to spend almost anything of your time.

In addition, when applying actions, for example, the profitability of the amount invested will help to realize your dreams faster, such as home ownership and even financial independence.

The first step in investing in the financial market is to understand your investor profile. By identifying it, it is possible to invest in stocks with little money.

As investing alone in the stock exchange may not be easy, an important point to be evaluated is what you intend to do with the income, whether you will need the value in the short, medium or long term.

Make this planning to know what you want and, from there, you will understand which product is the ideal one to start investing in stocks with little money.

With this decision made, it will be necessary to open an account with a stockbroker, who will act as an intermediary in trading, either in fixed income investments or in shares on the stock exchange.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying shares?

We have already explained that investors who buy shares need to have a moderate or aggressive profile, as just as the shares may appreciate quickly, it is also possible that the devaluation occurs with the same speed.

The rise or fall of prices is indicated in indices such as the IBOVESPA, the most important stock performance indicator.

One of the advantages of the stock exchange is the high liquidity, which allows the financial market to enter and exit in a few seconds.

This means that in case you need to sell these shares, you have no minimum term to realize. Therefore, it is possible to have an income in the short term, if that is your need.

Another important point is that on the stock exchange there are shares of companies from different segments, allowing investment in companies from more than one sector.

It is worth remembering that when you buy a stock, you become a small partner in that business, including big brands. In some cases, you may receive through dividends (portion of the profit distributed to shareholders) and Interest on Capital (JCP).

Is it possible to invest in stocks with little money?

As we have already said, there is a false idea that in order to invest in the stock exchange it is necessary to have a lot of money reserved, but this is not true. There is no minimum amount to buy shares and it is possible to invest in shares with little money.

Some shares of shares, for example, cost just a few cents and have a good chance of appreciation in the future. To get an idea of ​​which stock should be valued, it is necessary to know a little about the financial market.

If you do not want to take a risk alone, there are experts in the sector who provide advice to new investors and those who want to invest in stocks with little money.

How to invest in stocks with little money?

If you want to invest in stocks with little money because you do not have a high reserve value, stay tuned, as it is not indicated to take out of your financial reserve fund – which must be used for emergencies – to make investments.

It is estimated that the financial reserve should be the equivalent of six months of your fixed expenses.

So, make sure you plan so that the investment amount is specially set aside for this, so it will not impact your financial health if you have lost the value invested in shares.

Check out the step by step on how to properly invest in the stock exchange, even if it is to invest in stocks with little money:

Step 1:

Plan yourself. Understand how much you want to invest and what your goals are with income. Remember to think about what period you want to use the money.

Step 2:

After planning, as we said, it is time to open an account with a securities broker.

An important tip for those who have little money to invest is to look for a reliable one and pay attention to management fees, which can compromise the profitability of your investment. In some, the opening of the account is free and happens on the same day.

Step 3:

It is time to transfer the desired amount to the account at the brokerage. The process is the same as a transaction at the common bank: it selects the amount and sends it from the checking account to the account at the broker.

Step 4:

Access the financial institution's platform, where you will have access to all shares and other assets available on the stock exchange. Search for the one that best suits you and select.

As investing in the stock exchange alone is possible, but challenging, try to analyze all the details before finalizing the process.

Step 5:

After choosing the product you want to purchase, it is time to finalize the purchase of the shares and indicate how much you want to apply. Thus, you already start your investment portfolio on the stock exchange.

As you can see, it is not difficult to start venturing on the stock exchange and it is possible to invest in stocks with little money. However, it is necessary to acquire a little knowledge in order to have positive profitability results.

In addition, it is also clear how investing in stocks with little money is not impossible and is available to anyone who is interested in starting an investment portfolio.

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