Learn how to optimize HR processes with time tracking

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Learn how to optimize HR processes with time tracking

Table of Contents

THE check Point works to record your employee’s journey time. It is he who holds the arrival, pause and departure information for everyone in the organization, helping to optimize HR processes.

Have you thought about the hours that the HR sector can lose if the point control system is still done manually or mechanically?

With the constant advancement of technology, companies are increasingly modernizing. This modernization also came to help your company’s HR process.

The Human Resources sector is essential for the rest of a company to function fully and efficiently. For you to understand more about it, today we will cover the following topics:

Let’s go?

Importance of HR processes for the company

Imagine if HR did not exist. The company wouldn’t work, right? The Human Resources area performs all the intermediary between the organization and its employees.

It is this sector that performs the recruitment and selection, structuring a new employee, corporate training and several essential functions for any company.

In addition, the team in this area is responsible for retaining all point capture. That is, they have the information of entry, pause, exit and bank of hours.

Every end of the month, those responsible for these activities count the data and transform it into remuneration for their employees. Lots of responsibility, right?

Did you know that point control is mandatory for companies that have more than twenty employees, according to the Article 74 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT)?

Many companies still use outdated point systems. Examples of this are point books and also tokens, which must be inserted in a mechanized system.

With this, every end of the month, the person in charge of HR needs to manually calculate the hours worked, update the records and even archive them. This may require time that could be spent on other activities, if the point control system were modern.

Now it is clear the importance of HR for the organization to continue to function fully, right?

To further facilitate the management of your company, we will present you strategies so that HR processes are carried out in less time.

Main strategies to optimize HR processes

Creating goals is important in any sector of a company, and I would not be left out in HR. Bringing the team together and establishing weekly and monthly goals is essential for all work to be carried out clearly.

Thus, everyone is aware of what they need to achieve in a given week or month. The use of spreadsheets for that it can help a lot to achieve what your company wants.

Another indispensable strategy is prepare a task map. Mapping the tasks seems simple. However, in practice, it helps each person in the human resources sector to understand what their role is and what they need to do.

In this way, no employee will perform repeated tasks and everything will be communicated in a concise manner. This will speed up the processes and optimize the team’s time in performing services.

Now that you already know that creating goals and performing task mapping is necessary, we are going to present you a primordial strategy that we commented at the beginning of this article.

The main strategy to optimize the work of HR is the implementation of a digital point control that adds benefits for the company and its collaborator. You still don’t understand? Let’s talk more about that.

How to organize the HR routine with time control?

A digital point control is basically software that will serve to retain information of entry, exit and pause of its collaborators.

To make it easier to understand, I’ll give you an example. In a manual time control, the employee, when starting his journey, must manually record his times in a time book.

In addition to being an outdated system, many factors of this method can cause complications for your company. That is, manual point control can even facilitate the chance of fraud in this control.

Another negative point is that it demands more time from the HR team. Especially when it comes to importing this information into the payroll. If your company purchases a digital point control, part of that time will be optimized and can be spent on other important tasks.

PontoTel is a company that offers a point control superior to the others present in the market. For this, it features an intelligent system that automatically calculates delays and overtime.

Did you know that an efficient point control can present numerous advantages for the company and also for its employees?

We will explain more below.

Advantages of point control

Before you begin, it is important that you know how to choose one point control system that is effective for your company depending on your needs. Opt for a system that is not complicated to understand and does not have constant errors.

With an intelligent digital point control system you will have access to accurate and organized information related to the journey of your employees.

In addition, employers will not be able to change data to benefit, just as employees will not be able to circumvent the system. We will present you more advantages for the organization and also for the employee now.

An outdated time control system has no communication with the time clock. This causes a significant delay for those responsible for performing this integration manually.

Currently, systems already exist on the market that collect and treat the stitch automatically. As a result, the process, which was previously carried out by HR, is optimized.

Another advantage of an updated point control is the possibility to make corrections quickly. That is, if your employee forgets to hit the spot, he can adjust the error himself and even add a justification.

Transparency and self-management

Advanced point control systems allow the employee to participate in the point management process. This gives him greater control over his journey.

For this reason, the employee can police himself in relation to his delays, overtime and breaks.

An intelligent point control can also be used so that the organization and the employee have a more transparent relationship.

Cost reduction with overtime

Did you know that the accuracy of point control can even reduce your overtime expenses? Marking the point ensures that the worker receives correctly for worked hours, including overtime hours.

In other words, the company will no longer have problems with incorrect calculations payment of overtime, hour bank compensation or any other agreement between the organization and its employee.

With this, the human resources team will conduct this entire process accurately, without losing money halfway. This also enhances the HR process in closing the payroll.

Reduction of labor lawsuits

Labor lawsuits only create headaches for the organization and its employees. All they both want to do is to prevent conflicts from happening.

To show you how a point control software can walk alongside the employer and employee, we are going to present you an example to follow.

In a flawed system, overtime may not end up being accounted for. That is, as much as the employee has been working for hours, he will not be paid for it. This default situation can even generate a labor process against the employer.

With digital point control, this error will no longer happen. As I said earlier in this article, everything can be adjusted quickly in an efficient system.

So, in case the employee forgets to register his point, he can correct this flaw in a few minutes just by adding a justification to the system.

Easy to understand, right?

Advantages of optimizing HR processes

The use of an intelligent system that records the point of the employees of a company adds advantages for everyone in a company. But, mainly, it optimizes the HR processes and that is all that a professional working in this area needs.

In this article, we cover relevant topics to assist your company in this regard only with the use of efficient point control, such as the PontoTel.

Now that you know how to apply the strategies mentioned in your company, how about putting this into practice? To do so, just find a company that has a system with these features and is renowned in the market. Thus, you will modernize your company and also facilitate the day to day of the HR professional.

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