Learn how to organize a pet day at the company!

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Learn how to organize a pet day at the company!

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Companies increasingly understand that the quality of life and the health of employees directly interfere in productivity and motivation. To make the work environment even more inviting, many began to institute the pet day, in which they allow the employee take your pet to the organization.

For those who love animals, the idea is very pleasant: imagine petting your dog between a stressful meeting and another, knowing that he is well and is not alone at home?

In this post, we are going to give you some tips for you to be able to institute this policy in your corporation, in an organized way. If you want to further improve the working environment, continue reading this post!

What is pet day?

O pet day is a day instituted by the company, when its employees can take your pets to the workplacein order to make the environment more pleasant and make people feel more at home, increasing well-being and productivity.

The first pet day occurred in a company in the United States, in 1999. In the UK, we have some positive cases like Nestlé, which instituted the pet day at Quality of Life Week, and the website Elo shopping 7.

What are the advantages of pet day?

The practice has become quite popular in several companies, turning the office into an extension of the home. With that, there are several positive effects that bring benefits not only for the employee, but for the organization. Check out each one below:

Stress relief

One research points out that the animal company helps lower blood pressure, reduces anxiety and relieves symptoms of depression. This is also true for work environments, in which employees who have no pets have higher levels of stress.

>> Better understand the correlation between health and stress at work in this post: click here!

Improvement of the relationship

Pets can be an excellent reason to talk to a colleague from another room and form connections that would not be possible in an ordinary day-to-day.

The presence of animals helps to “break the ice” and opening up possibilities for people to interact much more, improving the organizational climate.

Help to work the corporate image

Companies that institute the pet day they are better viewed, both by professionals in the job market and by clients. They have the image of being a corporation that is concerned with the satisfaction and quality of life of its employees, which contributes very positively to employer branding.

How to institute the pet day?

For the pet day work in your company, you need to have a good organization. The HR, as responsible for the collective actions and that promote the welfare of employees, you must be responsible for the necessary care for the event to be a success.

Check out some tips that will help in this mission.

1. Notify in advance

For the pet day successful, HR must inform in advance the days when pets will be released, the animals that can be taken and care, such as the hygienic carpet, vaccinations up to date, food and water. Thus, employees who are interested are able to provide whatever is necessary.

Transparent communication is essential for the company to be able to establish the pet day and reap the positive results of this initiative.

2. Assess the physical structure

Check if the company structure is suitable for receiving pets. It is interesting to create an enabling and think about whether the place holds large animals, for example.

Objects such as ropes and cables can be dangerous for pets, as well as low, unprotected windows.

3. Think about general well-being

In order to promote this interaction, it is essential that the animals are good health and treatment. After all, any problem can affect other dogs or even employees.

Make it clear to employees that pets owe thisr dewormed, vaccinated and shorn in day. They should also not have fleas, ticks, scabies, or any other type of parasite.

Animals must also be used to living with other people, so that they do not attack or cause problems.

4. Set boundaries

Spend all day at the office can make the animal stressed. Ideally, he should only stay in the workplace for a morning or afternoon. In some companies, the pet day is held on Fridays and closed at noon, when the employee is also excused from work.

It is also important to define themaximum number of pets that the company will receive on the day, and what type. It is not recommended to mix dogs and cats, for example, to avoid fights.

5. Consider all employees

The presence of a pet makes the day more light and fun, but not all employees are comfortable with this. Some need a higher level of concentration to perform their tasks or are allergic to hair.

To prevent problems, reserve a room for these people or free up the home office work on working days. pet day. We emphasize once again the importance of prior scheduling so that everyone can be programmed and not be caught off guard.

6. Prepare for unforeseen events

The company must be prepared for possible unforeseen, even when it comes to trained and docile dogs. After all, you never know when someone might have health complications.

For this reason, it is advisable to keep a veterinarian on hand during pet days, or allow the employee to end the shift early if there is a problem.

With these tips, you can make a pet day that brings all the benefits, making the environment much more pleasant and helping professionals to feel even more at ease in the company.

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