Learn how to prepare the workplace for Generation Z

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Learn how to prepare the workplace for Generation Z

Table of Contents

A new professional profile requires new strategies to ensure productivity, engagement and also the retention of these talents in the company. Hence, the importance of adjusting the workplace for generation Z, which generates excellent levels for the company and more well-being for employees.

Born between 1995 and 2018, whose older representatives have, on average,, 23 years old. This is generation Z, which entered the current labor force in the market with weight – currently, it has something around 17 and 67 million professionals, according to the monitoring of the digital publication Advisory.

Therefore, companies are also adhering to this profile, seeking more satisfaction and attractions to attract the talents already inserted in the digital context. And that includes adapting the workplace for generation Z.

Let's see, then, how this can be done without creating conflicts with previous generations and guarantee your organization more productivity and alignment with major market trends? Check it out here!

A brief introduction to generation Z

Experts like Janet Adamy of the Wall Street Journal analyze factors that shape individual generations to understand, define and predictr how the new profiles will behave.

Adamy believes that Generation Z may actually bear some resemblance to the Silent Generation (those born between 1928 and 1945) when it comes to habits in the workplace.

The main similarities are that both generations grew up during or after major economic crises and entered the market during or after a boom which helps to shape:

  • work ethics;
  • money management;
  • outlook safely.

It should not be surprising, therefore, that Silent Generation is known for its work ethic and loyalty in the workplace. These characteristics can stem from the fear of losing a job, as was the case with his parents during the Great Depression.

In addition Silent Generation is known for its resourcefulness and conservatism when it comes to finance, again as a by-product of growth during the Great Depression, with little money to circulate.

THE Generation Z can share many of these characteristics due to historical events that resemble those that occurred decades ago. In addition, in the USA, Generation Z is often defined as a group of digital natives, who got to know the world after 9 September and brought changes to:

  • public policy;
  • safety;
  • the technological scenario.

Components that even play a role in the career path of Generation Z.

>> Here we explain about all the generations present in the job market. We recommend that you read this post and stay on top of the differences to avoid conflicts: Generations of the labor market: understand the differences and how companies should act.

The needs to adjust the workplace for Generation Z

As a culmination of its creation and the technological capabilities of today, the work needs of the Generation Z are different from current generations of work. The following are some of them:

Intrapersonal communication

THE Generation Z is known to have a certain obsession with a cell phone screen. To the point of feeling uncomfortable without their phones for 30 minutes or less.

With that, it is natural to assume that the generation prefers Communication online in the workplace. In addition, the representatives of the generation Z they don't want to be seen as children by older colleagues.

They are aware that their digital slang, full of hashtags and abbreviations, may seem weak to an older generation. To eliminate misunderstandings or communication failures, they are also shaping up to previous generations, also strengthening themselves in the face-to-face communication.

Brand expectations

THE generation Z not only grew with technology, but with customized solutions for them, like ads that reached them through their browsing habits online or after following certain brands on social media.

Except that, on average, the current generation has done extensive research before making any purchases. A habit that highlights more planning before decision making – and not just to buy something.

For example: before submitting your resume, young people evaluate the company, research more about its organizational culture, values ​​and, of course, flexibility in line with its profile – which includes the workplace for generation Z.


Similar to millennials, those born in generation Z they seek constant feedback from managers, a necessary measure to increase confidence in themselves, in their work and to constantly learn where to improve.

And it is based on these characteristics that we can understand how to assemble and prepare the workplace for generation Z.

Preparing the workplace for Generation Z

In view of the similarities and changes that make up the most current professional profile, brands should consider some issues to attract and retain generation Z. Look at that!

Invest in digital presence

Brands must – yes, need – be in the digital market, inserted in social networks and striking in campaigns to relate with its consumer and also with market professionals.

After all, this is the most used medium by generation Z. This also implies some specific actions, such as:

  • try to have and accumulate evaluations online;
  • relate on social networks;
  • have a well-defined culture and disseminated in the market.

For the recruitment of professionals from the generation Z, this is the way, nowadays.

Provide security

As a by-product of growth during or after the great recession, the Generation Z is sensitive to job security and benefits.

In a recent interview with the online magazine Advisory, Ruby Tuesday CEO Ray Blanchette said that start-up employers are more concerned with the benefits the company has to offer them.

“They will not even access these benefits that we offer, because they are on the parents' plan, but they want to know that it is there”, Blanchette told the publication.

Hence, the importance of aligning with workplace for generation Z, some elements that reinforce this aspect, such as:

With that, an immediate relationship of trust and identification. Functional elements for attract and retain generation Z in your work environment.

Gamification in everyday corporate life

You virtual games are part of the current generation. These are elements that add to development, entertainment and information. Not by chance, gamification has grown exponentially in the market.

Therefore, it is advisable to think about creating playful situations that generate rewards for achieving goals. This awakens competitiveness, increases productivity and strengthens engagement.

Pay attention to financial well-being

Finally, focus on one of the major HR trends that are differentiated to create an excellent workplace for generation Z: financial well-being.

In the USA, for example, young people are heavily indebted to university debts – and in the UK, it is no different. As a result, many fall into the symptoms of financial stress.

And this is where the company can play a different role in guiding, assisting and understanding these challenges, promoting a series of actions and campaigns for financial well-being. A strategy that generates loyalty and reduces the stress levels of its employees and professionals interested in joining the company.

And then, based on the tips above, tell us: how is your workplace for generation Z? Share your experiences with us in the comments field of this post!


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