Learn to reveal what you don’t know about your favorite employee

Learn to reveal what you don't know about your favorite employee

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What you don't know about your favorite employee? Too much, too many things!

There's so much more underneath what you don't know about your favorite employee. The high productivity of one day, may disappear completely the next morning. And all of this can reveal a series of factors that can interfere with their work, and that a more humane management has everything to contribute to the rehabilitation of the professional.

Because the your productivity figures are just statistics, as well as absenteeism numbers bring down graphs, undermine reports and also impact on the organizational climate of the entire team.

And you look over your cubicle, discreetly, and the keyboard noise no longer has the same rhythm and speed. The look that this professional returns is no longer bright and motivation style=”font-weight: 400;”>, seem lost in the few meters that distance you.

Only this space can be much larger than you think. And do you know why? Because there's a lot you don't know about your favorite employee. And, in this post, we will explain the importance of getting to know you a little more!

Before and after office hours

To get there on time, here's what you don't know about your favorite employee: he wakes up four hours before to sit in your chair to maintain (and overcome) the productivity of the day.

But, for that, that person takes care of the house, the children, embarks in one or two conduits (crowded, with their belongings balanced in one hand, while the other fights for support) and dislikes against all types of urban adversity. Congestion, for example.

It's just not everything. During the journey, this person cannot plan his workday because his mind is too busy with debts. They accompany her like a shadow, from carnival to carnival.

That is why you watched her over the bay with all the discretion possible, and saw a defeatist face and that, superficially, opens up demotivation with your position in the company.

After hours, then, the epic is the same, but it goes by other names: supermarket, personal appointments, frustrated equations in the pharmacy, supermarket …

The characters and the setting

Yes it is true. That's what you don't know about your favorite employee, but what if we changed the names, just? Instead of Roberto, it's Clara or Fernanda or Murilo.

All they can have the very same problems, with one or more variants, but with elements in common. Because in the country, we live in a record moment of 63 million defaulters.

What we try to point out here, is not that the adverse situations faced by its employees – until yesterday, so productive – are necessarily reflections of professional dissatisfaction.

For example: the financial stress in losing the battle with the deadlines of the accounts is enough reason to defeat the motivation of any person. Because, if the balance between incomes and costs is uneven, the person cannot “breathe”. The following enter their lives:

  • fees;
  • fees and fines;
  • reduction in quality of life;
  • expenditure cuts;
  • increasing amounts destined to the payment of outstanding debts;
  • the frustration of feeling that life is more and more imprisoned than on the way to its liberation.

In the routine, this is what you don't know about your favorite employee: he didn't explode with his colleagues because want the resignation, but because his head was seething with problems and the conflict arose from an unthinking attitude.

This person did not neglect the task because he wanted to leave on time, but forgot to do it due to wear and accumulation of activities due to the reduced number of employees on the team – adding to the pre- and post-shift issues that he lives with daily.

What you don't know about your favorite employee

Do you know the main one? That you can be part of the solution to part of these problems. And more: that the employee may not refuse the assistance offered.

Nowadays, companies have invested more in programs of emotional well-being and quality of life. And, also, in financial well-being – which follows the same path, but in seeking improvements in people's financial health.

Because the logic of this equation is quite simple: with orientations (workshops, consultancies and lectures) and tangible solutions – such as on-demand salary – that person will learn to take the first steps towards solving their problems.

And gradually, demotivation, lack of engagement and low productivity will translate into efficiency, gratitude and willingness to do your job better and better.

As an immediate and medium-term result, you can also see:

  • higher level of satisfaction among employees;
  • good financial planning practices, promoting changes in their lives;
  • improvement in the company's reputation;
  • greater capacity for retaining and attracting talent.

It is worth mentioning, however, that each case must be evaluated in a profound and personalized manner. Hence, the importance of periodic performance evaluations, a transparent and close organizational culture and a more humane management, focused on people's well-being, in the first place.

This generates costs, of course, but they are investments. Or do you think that demotivation, low productivity and high employee turnover are no longer too expensive for the company's budget?

So, before taking drastic and irreversible measures, we propose this challenge: try to find out what you don't know about your favorite employee, and make it a habit.

Who knows, the solution to the issue is easier than expected – and with positive results that can spread to everyone around you.

Do you have any experience in the subject and would you like to share it with us? So, tell your story in the comments field, below, to expand this discussion!



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