Learn what not to put in the contributor’s manual

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Learn what not to put in the contributor's manual

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By knowing what not to include in the employee manual, your company becomes much more effective in preparing this type of document. As a result, the integration of employees becomes faster and more resistant to unforeseen events and obstacles in the way of their new hires.

O employee handbook is often the first effective contact of someone newly hired with the your company’s culture. And, as we already pointed out in another post, there are many examples to inspire and compose valuable material for your employees.

There is also the flip side of that coin. After all, you know what not to put in the employee manual?

This type of information is important because it contributes more accurately to the preparation and maintenance of this material. And, throughout this article, we will show you what not to put in the employee manual, ensuring that it is one of your company’s great differentials. Check it out here!

What not to include in the employee manual

Whether due to excess or lack of data, a the employee’s manual must be well worked out between the objectivity, precision and DNA of your company. And it starts by learning about what not to put in the employee manual. Here are our tips!

>> HR Consultant UK has developed a checklist for new employees. It is editable and you can change it in the best way for your company. Click here and download the template!

1. Inclusion of complicated or outdated policies

For employees to follow internal policies, start by making them clear and concise. It turns out that there is no way to foresee all the situations that may arise, on the way, and for this reason many HR specialists maintain the regiment in a broad and comprehensive manner.

Thus, information can be interpreted accurately in most situations. Otherwise, the excess of explicit policies in the manual will not be absorbed by the employee. It can even confuse you even more.

2. Pointing out restrictive procedures

Although it is important to define the procedures for dealing with disciplinary issues, be sure to allow the discretion in exclusive situations.

Particularly, in cases where offenses between employees. It is important to keep in mind that some issues like these require less or more HR intervention.

When there are many intervention and restrictive policies, the dialogue does not take place and the employees start to resort constantly to HR, when they could discuss this internally and improve, with that, interpersonal relationships.

Understand, then, what not to put in the employee manual from issues that can be resolved with a good and quick dialogue. This reduces the volume of material and encourages people to seek simpler and more efficient resolutions first.

3. Excessive monitoring of social networks

Social networks have become, for many, a daily record of theirs joys, achievements, frustrations and fears. This often includes venting about your routine at the company.

So, if you are in doubt about what not to put in the employee manual, there you have it: avoid being a censor of other people’s social networks. People have the right to veiled and argumentative criticism. The problem only occurs if the tone is defamatory, incriminating and unfounded.

4. Explicit promises

Try to show clearly what happens if the situations exposed in the document are not followed. And a good way to do that is the implied words, like “he can” instead of “he must”.

Example: “Situations that they can lead to termination of the contract ”. Avoid promises that accompany the use of more authoritarian verbs, such as “he must”. After all, each case must be assessed individually, and unfulfilled promises may be charged by others in similar situations.

Based on this short guide on what not to put in the employee manual, the elaboration – or the adjustments – in this material of the company can have a series of positive adjustments.

Now, to take a step further in valuing the manuals, take the opportunity to share this post on your social networks, and mark colleagues who are also discussing best practices for create a contributor handbook!



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