Learning together, also online

Learning together, also online

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Working from home is – at least for the time being – the new standard. Learning at home is therefore becoming increasingly important. Lonely and boring? By choosing a learning management system with good community functionalities, you get people off their island and combine the best of both worlds.

New standard

The cabinet has recommended working from home after 1 September, if possible. Many employers are even already expecting a hybrid form of working from home and working at the office to become the new norm. This also has consequences for learning within an organization.

Social aspect is missing

E-learning offers many advantages, especially in this day and age. Nevertheless, online learning has mainly complemented classroom education so far. After all, with e-learning you miss the interaction and the opportunity to ask questions in person and receive feedback; the social aspect is at least different from classroom training. Many training institutes now offer on-site meetings again, but learning and development will take place online more than ever. For example, the ICM trainer has drastically adapted his program to the possibilities of online learning.

Lower the threshold

During an in-company training or a training elsewhere on location, as a student you can easily go to a colleague or fellow student with a question. In the digital world, that threshold is somewhat higher, however much we are used to digital communication. People who work from home – and learn at home – still feel more like an island than when they are at the office.

Combine the best of both worlds

By choosing a learning management system with good community functionalities, you can also add the so important community aspect to online training courses. For example, your employees can leave a note for a colleague while learning or, for example, ask a question during the training via the chat function to someone who has already followed the training. That way you get people off their island and you also create online that feeling of ‘we do this together'. This way you integrate community involvement with online learning and combine the best of both worlds.


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