LinkedIn: 5 tips for finding a job

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Table of Contents

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 2:46 PMUpdated Sep 30, 2015, 10:39 a.m.

1. Detail your professional profile

The many fields made available by the platform should allow you to provide as much information and details as possible on your experience and skills. It is essential to indicate:

– the training courses attended
– the diplomas obtained
– the positions held

But you have to be more precise than on a classic CV by detailing:

– the missions carried out
– the skills acquired during these experiences

Specify the fields of activity in which you have exercised and indicate your language skills, in order to stand out in the multi-criteria searches.

2. Optimize the SEO of your LinkedIn page

To position your profile in search engines, follow an SEO approach: anticipate the requests that a recruiter could enter in order to land on your LinkedIn page. Include the most relevant keywords in your professional profile.
If you are a management controller, for example, put this function in:
– the title of your LinkedIn page
– your presentation text (in summary)
– each related experience or training
– the Skills field

Don't overlook secondary terms either:

– budget controller
– accounting
– business English
– Financial direction
etc …

Another tip: customizing the URL of your LinkedIn page can allow you to place a keyword there.

3. Show yourself in a work situation

To catch the eye of recruiters, consider adding a photo of yourself to illustrate your LinkedIn profile. Pages with a profile are viewed 30% more. However, beware of bad taste: choose a photo in a professional situation, preferably with a smile, in order to preserve your credibility and give a good first impression to headhunters.

4. Develop your network

The more contacts a LinkedIn profile has, the higher it stands in searches. It is therefore important to materialize your network by making contact requests with the professionals you have frequented (work colleagues or classmates, clients, etc.). To develop your network, it is possible to send contact requests to strategic relationships, human resources managers working in companies that are consistent with your profile. It is an approach which marks your interest in these companies, and allows you to create a first contact.

5. Ask for recommendations

You can score points with recruiters by benefiting from recommendations. They can emanate from:

– former hierarchical superiors
– internship supervisors
– coworkers frequented during previous experiences

These recommendations demonstrate your professionalism and establish your credibility with potential recruiters.

6. Be active online

Your online activity can be a serious asset in getting you to spot headhunters:

– participate in discussion groups
– share content that seems relevant to you on the internet
– relay the publications signed by your hand on a professional blog

This online presence offers you opportunities to:

– develop your network
– demonstrate your involvement in your professional field
– prove your skills

7. Use the search tool

The Careers tab makes it easy to find an offer that meets your expectations and your profile. By default, a series of ads in your geographic area is suggested to you. You can also enter some keywords in the “look for a position ”. You then get a list of jobs. Once the job of your dreams has been spotted, you can apply directly online or be directed to a dedicated employment application. Sometimes, you are required to join the site of the company offering the offer to submit your application. But you don't have to apply so quickly. You can also save interesting opportunities and view them later.



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