Looking for an internship in the midst of a pandemic: things are happening at the gate

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Le volume d'offres de stage dans le secteur privé a baissé de 20 % en 2020.

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Posted on Feb 19, 2021 2021 at 18:00Updated Feb 19, 2021 2021 at 18:16

” [ERROR 404], impossible to find an internship in communication due to an unstable health situation. ” “These error messages keep appearing during my research … Can you help me find an internship please? “ Dimitri Engelmann, second year student in communication strategies and media at IUT du Havre, decided to be creative on Linkedin to win the Holy Grail. Of its thirty applications sent since January, “Only two answers, negative of course”.

“”About 80% of my classmates have not yet found an internship, worries for his part Dimitri Loukachewski, first year student at Montpellier Business School. Usually at this stage of the year, it only concerns half of the pupils ”. The student, who is struggling to find an internship for March, has the feeling of being on each offer faced with strong competition between candidates. And he doesn't think so well to say.

Traffic jam on the highway

The volume of internship offers in the private sector fell by 20% in 2021, according to the Dares (statistical service of the Ministry of Labor). In question, “The decline in activity or even the complete shutdown of certain sectors that provide major internships, such as tourism”, but also the reluctance of companies in all sectors to have to train and support an intern from a distance, analyzes Alexandre Judes, economist at Indeed. On this platform, the second job site in London after Pôle emploi, the proportion of internships in the total offers in February 2021 was 2.6%, against 3.5% in February 2021. All in a volume of ‘declining offers.

As for applicants, the search for an internship is particularly intense. On Indeed, the peak, traditionally located between March and June, was higher in 2021 than in 2021. The sign of candidates more feverish and under pressure in their search, but also of a “Total number of larger applicants”, says Célica Thellier, founder of ChooseMyCompany. As internships abroad are canceled, aspiring interns focus specifically on London. In addition, there are students who have decided to delay their entry into the labor market by doing an additional internship at the end of their course.

A hell of a traffic jam, therefore, that the government intends to decongest with more than 30,000 internships posted on the 1jeune1solution platform from March 1. This announcement follows a number of easing of the internship conditions (possibility of carrying out his internship 100% telework, in a wider time frame, and in a sector far from his studies), measures welcomed by Morgan Saveuse, director of studies at Cesi, an engineering school. “Everyone expected a catastrophic situation, especially after the first confinement, but in the end, companies play the game and take interns. We even have young people who have done their internship abroad while being fully teleworked. “

Students under pressure

The fact remains that since the start of the pandemic, an unprecedented number of students have called for help from the Youth Information and Documentation Center (CIDJ) to finally get an internship. “Some of them, resigned, have completely stopped their research”, deplores Valérie Deflandre, adviser to the CIDJ.

A feeling of frustration as they had often been well prepared for the research. “They manage to fend for themselves, they have a good research method, there are few remarks to make on their CV … Hence the feeling of being helpless”. The whole difficulty is then to help good candidates to search more broadly, on platforms which they do not know, and towards plans B which they did not envisage.

And, new to the pandemic, many of these students start to confide in a personal way, notes Valérie Deflandre. “They need to take stock of their professional environment, but also on themselves, on their strengths in terms of personality”. Some even come to speak of their discomfort.“Just yesterday a young man asked me the question: ‘when you have dark thoughts, how do you deal with them?' “Went for long months without social interactions or the opportunity to question their teachers face-to-face or to discuss their research with their classmates, a lot “Get locked in an anguish, the feeling that they will not get out of it and that they will not be able to complete their course”, notes Valérie Deflandre.



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